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Dog whelping is a term that is used to speak of the preparation and birthing process of canines. The puppies are often spoken of as whelps. Dog breeders often use the terms whelping, the puppies were whelped on a certain day, and the puppies were born in a dog whelping box, and so on. Below are questions that have been asked of the Experts in regards to dog whelping.

Is it normal during dog whelping that a puppy be born several hours after the other puppies?

In many situations, this can be normal in dog whelping for a mother to have gaps that are long in between puppies, this can sometimes even be a few hours. Assistance may be needed if the mother continues to strain to get a puppy out for more than fifteen to twenty minutes. The mother should be alert and normal after the whelping has finished.

What is the average time to dog whelping from breeding?

The average time from breeding to dog whelping is sixty-three days. However it should be noted that dog whelping can occur in a window of a few days before day sixty-three and after. After day sixty-six, the owner should have the mother looked at to make sure that there are no complications. Some owners monitor a dog’s temperature due to the fact that there is a drop in temperature prior to dog whelping occurring. Some dogs may drop more than once. It is important that if an owner is monitoring the dog’s temperature, that it be taken every day at the same time. That way the owner can notice a deviation from the dog’s normal temperature.

What are the options after a dog whelping has whelped several pups but there is still a pup inside moving a day later?

If dog whelping has occurred and there are pups already on the ground, and the mother does not appear to be laboring any longer, but there is still movement from the womb, a veterinarian will need to be consulted quickly. Even if the mother dog appears to not have any problems from the outside, the inside may be a different story. If allowed to go on the risks that are being taken include the life of the mother dog, the pup still inside, and the pups that have already arrived. There may be a reason the pup that still inside remains inside, including the size of the pup. The longer the owner waits the worse things can become. The mother dog may even become septic from the toxins that are building up dumping into her bloodstream. While some owners prefer to take a more natural route, and want everything to happen naturally, death of the mother and the pups can occur naturally. Very few veterinarians would advise an individual to wait under the circumstances.

What can be done when a dog whelping will not let the owner touch to take her to the vet or check her out?

If after dog whelping, the mother becomes aggressive toward her owners whenever the owner gets near the mother and her pups, it is a common thing. Most mother animals become protective of their young. If the owner needs to get the mother and the puppies into the veterinarian to be checked out, here are a few suggestions as how to get them in without the dog or the owner becoming injured. Take a large blanket to put under the mother dog, using the blanket to wrap around her to carry to the vehicle. Once at the clinic, the staff may be needed to assist the animals inside. Another way is to get a leash on the mother dog; the mother dog will willingly follow the owner if the owner is carrying the puppies.

Is it normal that after dog whelping the mother still have discharge a week later?

After dog whelping, the discharge from the mother dog’s vagina should start to slow down within the first week. There are some cases where the mother dog may have discharge that lasts for two to three weeks post whelping. The color of the discharge is important. Normal discharge is usually is red to brownish color that continues to get lighter, most often becoming clear after the first week post whelping. If the discharge is green or black, or if it is a lot of blood, then the mother will need to be evaluated by a veterinarian.

Dog whelping can occur a few days before or after day 63 after breeding. After day 66 the mother may need to be evaluated by a veterinarian to make sure that there are no complications. Dog whelping takes time, and it is not uncommon for a mother dog to whelp a few pups then it is several hours until the next puppy. After the puppies have been whelped the mother may become a little aggressive toward anyone getting near her puppies, this is common, and often happens in dogs with their first litter. Discharge post whelping is a normal occurrence with some mothers having discharge for up to three weeks after the pups were whelped. The color of the discharge is the important thing to take note of, green, black, or a lot of blood is something that needs to be taken seriously and have a vet evaluate it. Any other questions regarding dog whelping may be directed to the Experts.
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