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Western Digital Related Questions

Western Digital hard drives are said to be reliable and enable you to store, collect, access, and use a vast and growing body of digital information. However, when it is not recognized or it stops working, users may experience confusion and would need guidance to rectify these issues. Do you face problems with your iMac not recognizing this hard drive? Such problems are best handled by verified Experts which are available online.

Read below where Experts have helped in resolving issues with Western Digital hard drives.

How to resolve a defective iMac - 24" which does not recognize a 1TB hard drive?

  • Insert the Snow Leopard disk into your Mac and then turn it off.
  • Hold the ‘C’ key, and then turn on your Mac. Continue to hold the ‘C’ key till you see the Apple icon with the spinning gear.
  • It will take about 3-5 minutes to start, but once it does, you will be able to select your language for the OS X installer.
  • After you select your language, look at the top gray bar; there should be a 'Utilities' option. Select that, and then select disk utility.
  • It may take a while to load as it is copying files from the disk. If it takes more than 10 minutes, you can shut down your Mac by holding the power button. Then click the left-side of your mouse and hold. Turn on your Mac while the mouse button is still being pressed. Check the disk to see if it is dirty.

If it still does not work, follow the next few steps:

  • From OS X Utilities select Disk Utility. Select your Mac’s hard drive in the left-hand column, to reveal more options, and then select the Partition button.
  • In the Partition Layout drop-down menu, select 1 Partition.
  • In the Partition Information box, enter an appropriate name for your Mac’s hard drive. Macintosh HD is the default name.
  • Now click Apply. A dialogue box will pop up to confirm the actions you are taking. If you are happy with this, click Partition.

Erasure and Security:

  • In Disk Utility, of OS X Utilities, select the partition (in the left-hand column) that you created in the previous step.
  • Select Erase and ensure that the Format is Mac OS Extended (Journaled). It should default to this option.
  • Then close the window and continue the installation.

How to get Disk Warrior to rebuild the directory?

You would need to check some things that may or may not be affecting the situation.

  • Restart the computer while holding the Command and R keys to boot to Recovery HD partition.
  • When it boots, select the Disk Utility and Continue.
  • Then select Macintosh HD on the left. First, press 'Verify Disk' on the right and if that is okay, then Repair Permissions.
  • If Verify Disk is not okay, try to Repair Disk.

What could cause an 80gb hard drive to suddenly stop working?

There could be two reasons for the external drive to stop working:

  1. The hard drive itself has gone bad, in which case, you may not be able to retrieve your information, and a new drive will need to be purchased.
  2. The enclosure that houses the drive has gone bad, preventing it from connecting to your computer; however, your information will be still intact.

If you plug the drive into your computer, and open Disk Utility (located in 'Applications' -> 'Utilities' folder), it should be listed on the left. If it is, run the Repair Permissions and Repair Disk options.

If it is not listed, you will need to take some more drastic steps. For instance, you could remove the drive from its enclosure, and purchase a USB to SATA/IDE adapter. That would allow you to plug the drive directly into your computer. If it shows up, you will know it was the enclosure that was bad and your information is fine. If it still doesn't show up, the drive is gone for good. If the drive doesn't show up, no matter what you do, there is no chance of getting your information back. If you can see it in Disk Utility, but cannot communicate with it, then you can purchase and run some data recovery software, such as Data Rescue to try and get your information back. 

How to restore a 500 GB My Book icon which has disappeared from the desktop?

First, unplug the drive from your machine and the power. Wait for approximately two minutes and put your ear to the side of the drive case and plug the drive in. See if you can hear anything. Sometimes the boards can become overheated. Waiting for two minutes will allow the board to discharge any residual power from the adapter and the USB plugin, and then also cool off enough to allow the drive to reset cleanly. This will enable the controller chips in the drive to USB/Firewire card (that is part of the case) to power up properly.

How to transfer songs from iTunes to a 500GB external hard drive?

The Western Digital external hard drive is most likely formatted in a Windows format (such as NTFS or FAT). To format, you will need to use the Disk Utility application. Please note that if there is anything on the drive currently, it will be destroyed. To do this:

  • In the Finder, use the Go menu and choose Utilities.
  • Find and open Disk Utility.
  • Select your new drive, and go to the Erase tab.
  • Make sure the format is Mac OS Extended (Journaled); name the drive and click Erase.
  • Once it is done, you can then try to copy your music library onto it.

You can locate your music folder by looking in the following location:

  • /Users/username/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library
  • Then copy that folder into your external drive.

Western Digital drives are considered reliable to keep data accessible and secure from loss. When users experience problems while transferring or accessing information, they would need an Expert to guide them in this regard. Verified Experts are available 24/7 to offer guidance and assistance. 

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