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Dog Weight Control Questions

Controlling a dog’s weight from the get go is the best way insuring that your dog does not become overweight. At times we all may wonder how to keep our beloved pet at an ideal weight. Anyone that is a dog owner knows that it can be very hard to keep a dog on a strict diet. Most owners have trouble keeping their dog in the target weight zone and need help increasing and decreasing their weight.

Below are questions that have been asked in regards to dog weight that have been answered by the Experts.

Why are vets concerned over a dog’s weight?

There are many reasons that veterinarians are mindful of a dog’s weight. One of these is the burden extra weight causes to the dog’s joints. Another is when there is extra fat tissue the harder the heart has to work to be able to pass through it causing heart problems. It has also been noted that dogs that are over-weight may also be at a higher risk for liver disease, this is due the deposits of fat that can plug up liver cells. Dogs that are over-weight often have a shorter lifespan and have more health problems in the late years of their life.

How can an individual tell if a dog’s weight is the right weight?

The best way to tell is to look at a body condition chart. A body condition score will be able to tell the owner what the dog needs to weigh for the body condition.

How does an individual feed to increase a dog’s weight?

The first thing that will need to established if the dog is overweight. This can be done by looking at a body condition score. Once the ideal weight is determined based on the chart, feed according to the chart recommendations. You might even try adding extra calories to their diet by giving a few treats throughout the day.

How can you slim down a dog that is over weight?

For a dog that is severely overweight you probably need to cut down on the portions of food that the dog is giving at feeding time. For at least the first month you might try cutting down the daily intake of food by around 25 percent. The main reason that a dog is usually overweight is from the owner feeding the animal table scraps and fatty treats, cutting those out should help a lot. Now there are dogs that cannot lose weight so those steps above most likely will not help the best thing to try might be a complete diet change to a healthier food. These types of food are usually very high in fiber, which as many people know fill you up faster and is not digested it is passed throw the bowl system. This is a result of less fat and carbohydrates in the dogs’ diet.

What can a person do to help their dog lose weight that is only eating 250 calories a day?

You might try switching your dog to a food that is an actual weight control food. These types of food will allow your dog to eat the proper amount and fill full, so that the dog is not over eating. Dog foods have labels on the back to give proportion sizes, it goes off of the recommended weight that the dog should be rather than what the dog weighs now. If you give your dog treats, you might consider giving the dog vegetables instead of the fatty treats; also you might keep in mind that the veggie treats are considered part of the limited calories that the dog can have. Since the dog is not already losing weight on a 250 calorie diet you may try dropping the calorie intake to 200 or even 175. Now if none of this works you may want to have the dog seen by a Vet to make sure that the dog does not have any thyroid problems, because that can slow down the dogs metabolism.

Dog weight is a big concern for dog owners. Knowing how much dog food to feed an individual’s dog to increase or decrease their weight. Dog weight gain especially in older dogs can be a sign of certain health problems such as heart disease or liver failure. Just like humans, dog’s that are over-weight are prone to more health issues than dogs that are of a healthy weight. Any questions about dog weight can be asked of the Experts. 

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