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Dog Weaning Questions

Weaning a dog means to teach a dog that they do not need to be dependent on something such as mother’s milk, a medication, or even special foods. Dog weaning can be a very difficult process; you must have some great patience this can be a slow procedure for the dogs to learn. For further information you can read answers provided by Experts on many questions about dong weaning.

If a dog has loose stool and has only been given rice and beef is it okay to start the dog on regular dog food?

In many cases it is not a good idea to just completely change the dog’s diet at once this could cause looser stool and even vomiting. You may want to try just adding some regular dog food to what your dog has been eating. You can start will adding about 25% of the normal dog food each day until the dog is back to a 100% of the normal dog food. To prevent and even help with the loose stool you might try adding 2 tablespoons of culture yogurt to the dog’s food twice a day.

If you change a dogs diet will it hurt them?

When you change dog’s diet you want to make sure that you do not do it all at once, you may need to make sure the dog’s have time to adjust to the new food; if this process is done correctly it is called weaning and it should not harm the dog’s at all. Now on the other hand if weaning is not done then the dog’s stomach can become upset and vomiting and diarrhea will most likely occur. To wean your dog’s to the new food you might need to take at least 2-3 weeks so the dog’s stomachs have time to adjust to the change.

Does a dog taking macrolone for itching and a rash need to stay on the medicine if the rash will not go away? Does this medication have long term affects?

In this case if the macrolone is not helping the rash then most likely the dog may need to be weaned of the medication. To start the weaning process you might want to consult a veterinarian, where they can give you the exact amount to cut down on the medication and at the appropriate week intervals. This medication is known to have some serious side effects if the medication is given for a long period of time.

My dog only will eat dog food very high in calorie what is the long term effects?

Dog food that is high in calorie is normally given to sick dogs to boost their appetite. This type of food is not good for a dog that is healthy and eating well, the food can cause the dog to become very fat. This food also has ingredients to help rebuild muscle and help decrease inflammation. You might want to consider weaning the dog off this food; this process may take up to 10 days.

How do you get a small dog will only eat small cat biscuits, ham and chicken to eat normal dog food?

You may need to try very slowly weaning the dog off of the cat biscuits and other foods, to start a more balanced diet. In a 1 to 2 months time mix the ham, chicken and cat biscuits with the new food; with about 90% of what the dog like and only about 10% of the new food do this but increase the dog food until the dog is only eating the new food.

Many people have dogs and at one point or another in a dog’s life they will need weaned off of something whether it is medicine, food or a mother’s milk. Weaning can be a very lengthy process and hard to do especially if it so not done right. When needing information on this subject you can ask a dog veterinarian.
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