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Water Sprinkler Questions

Water sprinklers are common devices used to water lawns at homes and offices and are available in different models to suit individual needs. For example, travelling sprinklers are used to water lawns by crawling across them and need supervision while pop-up sprinklers are automated devices that stay in one place and remain hidden when not used. An impact sprinkler head, in contrast, is designed with a spike at the bottom which can be fixed into the ground anywhere. Each kind of sprinkler also comes with its own set of controls that can either by operated by a screw driver, a supplied tool or with your hands.

Listed below are a few questions answered by Experts on water sprinkler related issues.

My Hunter sprinkler system switches on but doesn’t allow me to change anything in the control box. The buttons have stopped responding and the dial doesn’t work as well. What can I do?

Switch the power off for a short while and see if it resets the system. There are cases of these systems not working properly and the PC board becoming faulty. If switching the power off doesn’t work, get in touch with Hunter and check if your controllers are under a warranty. They should be able to help you find a solution to this problem.

I seem to hear the sound of water flowing all the time. Once I shut off the water at the line that connects to the sprinklers, the water stops. There are no signs of leaks. What can the problem be?

It’s possible that there is a leak between the sprinkler zone manifold and the valve. You will discover wet ground when you dig down by the zone control manifold. This leak may not be visible above the ground but it can produce enough noise to be heard.

How many fixture units would a residential sprinkler have?

This would depend on the number of Gallons Per Minute (GPM) the system uses. One fixture unit equals 8 GPM.

My sprinkler system gives out very little water. How do I fix this problem?

Case details: The water pump channels water to the head or valve of the supply lines and there are three lines going into the ground. At an opening located on the top of the distribution valve here, water starts squirting out.

In this case, since there is not enough pressure coming from the head, the head or the valve may need to be replaced in order for the sprinkler to work properly.

There is a water hammer in the house caused by my sprinklers which are plumbed before the house shut off valve. The hammering stops after I shut off the house. What can I do to fix this?

You could install a water hammer arrestor that acts as a shock absorber. This should absorb the shock in the water lines when a sprinkler valve is shut off and the water stops flowing.

When my sprinklers come on, my pipes start moaning and groaning. How do I get them to stop?

You could get a shock absorber installed to stop this.
Click on the link below to view one:

When you run water sprinklers over a period of time, you may find that sprinkler heads could get damaged due to age or usage. There are a few simple steps that you can follow here to replace the damaged head. To start with, switch on your sprinkler system and try and find the broken sprinkler head. Switch the system off and then dig around the broken head to help you access the part better. Use a pipe wrench to remove the damaged head and any parts that remain in the sprinkler pipe. Once you finish this, take plumber’s tape, place it around the threads of the new head and screw it into the pipe. Test the new head by turning the sprinkler system on. Once you are satisfied, shut the system off and fill in the hole you created around the head.
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