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Mazda Water Pump Troubleshooting

Will a pressure test help locate your leak source? Does your Mazda engine heat up even though your radiator fan works well? The water pump is the heart of the cooling system without which the engine will inevitably overheat. There are situations where the water pump works well but the engine heats up even though the circulation system is clear. When in doubt about what could be wrong, ask an Expert.

Read below answers Experts have provided to users’ questions on water pump related problems.

Why is a Mazda MPV losing coolant fast but displays no warning light?

Coolant loss could be for multiple reasons but the only way to know the source is by performing a coolant system pressure test. Pressurize the system to its rated pressure as mentioned on the radiator cap, and leave the vehicle standing for an hour. This should be enough time for coolant to begin leaking and reveal the source of the leak so it can be repaired. A pressure test is the only way to determine the source as the coolant leaks only when the vehicle is driven and leaves no puddles when standing. Since it leaks under pressure a likely source is the water pump.

Why does a Mazda SUV coolant have to be frequently topped up?

If the vehicle leaks while standing, the source would depend on where the leak is. One likely source is a failing water pump. When a water pump reaches that stage it frequently leaks through the weep hole. The best solution would be to have the coolant system pressure tested to trace the source of the leak. This is best done at the earliest as if the engine begins to overheat it could cause some major issues.

Where is a Mazda Tribute LX’s water pump located and is it difficult to remove?

The water pump can be found at the back of the engine. It becomes visible when the plastic covers on top of the engine are removed. To remove the water pump the cooling system will need to be drained and the following components removed/disconnected:

  • Negative battery cable

  • Water pump belt tensioner

  • Air cleaner outlet tube

  • All coolant hoses

  • Water pump

Attached is an illustration of the assembly which points out to the various parts and how they fit together.

Why does a Mazda 626 engine overheat but the hoses and radiator remain cool?

If there is no coolant loss then the problem is lack of circulation. The two most likely reasons are a failing water pump or a thermostat which is not opening. In both instances the coolant remains static which is why it heats up around the engine while the hoses and radiator are cool.

How to troubleshoot a Mazda 121 which overheats rapidly though the main fan operates?

This is typical of a defective thermostat which is not opening and closing properly. The thermostat needs to be replaced. The thermostat housing is attached to the top radiator hose and is secured by normal bolts which can be easily removed.

Why does a water pump belt on a Mazda MPV keep breaking repeatedly?

It would appear that the water pump is defective and needs to be replaced. The water pump is probably seizing up frequently causing undue strain on the belt because of which it breaks.

If your Mazda engine overheats would water pump replacement be the right solution? Not in all cases, there are multiple other reasons for engine overheating unrelated to the water pump. If you are up against a problem like this, ask an Expert before replacing your water pump. Experts are always ready to answer questions on circulation problems and water pump issues.

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