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Honda Water Pump Problems and Troubleshooting

The water pump is an essential part of the cooling system. Any damage to the water pump would require immediate attention. It is beneficial to the Honda owner to learn how to detect symptoms of a damaged water pump and the cost of parts the repairs. Read below where Experts have answered questions ranging from cost of repair to water pump parts and replacement.

What is the cost to replace a Honda Accord EX water pump and timing belt?

A water pump and a timing belt together may cost around $132 and take, on average, 4 hours to fix. The dealer may charge approximately $100 to $125 per hour for labor, but charges may vary in other shops due to location. Going by the dealer charges the total cost may be around $500 to $600.

What is the best way to diagnose if the Honda Civic water pump needs replaced?

If the water pump produces noise when spinning or if when moved side to side or up and down there is a lot of movement in the shaft then the water pump likely needs replaced. The impellers should also be checked for breaks.

What could cause the coolant on a Honda CRF 450 to leak through weep hole after replacing the water pump seal?

First check the radiator cap. A faulty radiator cap can cause too much pressure in the cooling system and coolant can leak through the weep hole. If the cap is good, then the seal inside the bearing is damaged. It is not possible to replace this seal only so the water pump will need to be replaced.

What could be making the engine whine after replacing the Honda Accord water pump?

When reassembling the car after replacing the water pump and adding tension, the timing marks need to be perfectly aligned. If even one tooth not aligned, the engine will start but still whine. It is important to turn the engine over at least 3 to 4 times by hand and check for timing marks before starting the engine. To gain access and set timing accurately, remove the valve cover and upper timing cover. The timing marks are on either side of the cam gear and should be lined up perfectly with the top edge of the cylinder head. The timing mark on the crank pulley is easier to determine. The tension in the belt should be ‘pretty tight’ but not too tight. The crankshaft and the camshaft have bearings and too much tension would put strain on them and may cause engine wear.

Is it possible to determine in a Honda Accord LX if the water pump and the timing belt were changed?

Look under the car at the back edge of the engine where the rear part of the timing cover meets the block. The color of the aluminum would be distinctly brighter. Another way is to remove the valve and the upper timing cover to verify the condition of the belt and a fresh printing should be visible. At times, the rubber washer could also be missing from the adjuster bolt sticking out of the timing cover.

Given its important role of circulating coolant, repairing or replacing the water pump is essential. Other maintenance is sometimes required and can be diagnosed with the help of Experts who have specialist knowledge of Honda vehicles and could help determine the possible cause of lingering problems.
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