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Dodge Water Pump Troubleshooting

Could a faulty Dodge water pump be the cause of your engine overheating problems? If it is, how is the pump replaced? Engine overheating can result in major and even catastrophic engine damage. That is why it is critical that the cause of the problem is correctly identified so that the faulty component be replaced before serious engine damage occurs. The insights of verified mechanical Experts will tell you if the water pump or another part of the cooling system is defective so you can get the necessary repairs done.

Here are some of the questions Experts have answered.

Do the motor mounts have to be removed to install a new water pump in a 2000 Dodge Neon and if so, how is it done?

Only the right motor mount has to be removed to install a new water pump. To do this:

  • Support the engine from below.
  • Remove the upper and lower engine torque strut mounts.
  • Remove the access cover inside the wheel well.
  • The center bolt attaching the mount to the bracket is now accessible.
  • Remove the bolt and the bracket. Lower the engine to access and remove the remaining bolts.
  • Match mark the mount before loosening and removing the bolts to ensure correct re-fitment.

Can the water pump from a 2012 Dodge Cummins diesel engine be installed on a 2013 Dodge 6.7 diesel?

If both engines are 6.7 diesels, the pumps are interchangeable.

When the water pump and thermostat on a 2002 Dodge Dakota with a 3.9L V6 OHV 12V engine are being replaced, is a shop correct in charging separate labor for the two replacements?

Unlike some other makes, the thermostat on this engine is mounted above the water pump and not on it. It is fitted to the intake manifold. There is no need to remove the thermostat in order to replace the water pump, so these become two separate jobs are the shop will charge accordingly. Had the thermostat been mounted to the pump, it would come out with the pump and it would count as one job.

Why does a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 5.7 Hemi overheat at high speeds even after the faulty radiator and water pump were replaced?

Presuming that the new water pump was installed correctly, the problem could be with the type of pump. There are two different pumps used on this engine and they look the same and will bolt on without a problem. The way they work is different. One drives in a clockwise direction and the other counterclockwise. If the wrong pump was fitted, it will affect the cooling. If the pump is the correct one, the radiator could be the cause, if it was purchased from a discount parts store. These are often badly built and partially clogged. If the radiator is okay, check the coolant that has been filled in the system after the part replacement. Only the orange colored OEM coolant should be used. If a “universal’ or traditional green colored coolant was used, it can cause sludge build up resulting in the coolant not being able to absorb enough heat from the engine.

Why does water appear to be dripping from the timing cover on a 2000 Dodge Neon 2.0?

This is probably due to a bad water pump. When a water pump on this engine starts leaking. the water can enter the timing cover and then leak out of the weep hole. The water could fall from anywhere in the area between the engine and the timing cover.

If the thermostat and timing chain need to be replaced on a Dodge Ram 3500 with 87,000 miles, should the water pump also be replaced as a precautionary measure?

There is no recommended service or design life for the water pump. However, at this mileage, and since the timing chain is being replaced, many shops recommend a pump replacement to avoid repeating the labor again in the future. Many mechanics feel it is not necessary if the pump is working properly. Both opinions are valid.

When replacing the water pump on a 1999 Dodge Dakota 5.2, which way does the fan clutch nut turn to be removed?

The clutch nut is a right hand thread. Before installing the new pump check to see which way the threads run.

What could cause anti-freeze to leak from the belt tensioner cover on a 2003 Dodge Ram and what repair is required?

A leak in the area of the timing chain or belt tensioner is usually from the water pump. If this is the case, the pump will need to be replaced. The replacement is simple and requires the removal of the two 10mm bolts holding the pump in place. The pump can then be removed.

What is the reason for an intermittent whining sound to come from the engine of a Dodge Intrepid at speeds of around 65 MPH?

Case Details: The frequency of the sound being heard is steadily increasing.

Open the hood try to locate where the sound is coming from. It will probably be from the serpentine belt region. If so, remove the belt and check all the pulleys to find a defective one that is making the noise. The alternator and idler pulleys are common trouble areas. If the pulleys are fine, the sound could be from the belt tensioner or the water pump.

A Dodge water pump issue, if not fixed promptly, could result in major engine damage. If your vehicle has cooling problems, the guidance of verified mechanical Experts will help you to locate what is wrong and ensure that the correct repairs are done. Going to a shop just to get the problem diagnosed is expensive and takes time. The information and solutions you can get by going online and asking Experts to answer your questions is quick, accurate and economical.

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