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Chrysler Water Pump Questions

Does the water pump on your Chrysler need replaced? Are there other components that need replaced at the same time of replacing the Chrysler water pump? Where to find troubleshooting tips on water pumps? Chrysler water pumps are closely associated with the timing belt and the reason for this is that normally both these components should be replaced at 110,000 miles. If you were to install just a new timing belt, the tension can put stress on the old water pump bearing leading to its failure. Apart from this, there can be other issues with your Chrysler water pump such as leakages, Chrysler water pump replacement and installation. To know more about Chrysler water pumps, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

How much would it cost to change the Chrysler water pump on a 2002 Sebring convertible?

The Chrysler water pump is essentially inside the engine and operates off the timing chain. The chain would also need to be replaced simultaneously with the water pump. This can cost around $200 in parts if timing chain guides, tensioner or belts are not required. On this car, a Chrysler water pump replacement could be a major, labor intensive job. It can take up to 8 hours to replace the pump since there is a major amount of engine disassembly which needs to be carried out. The labor cost is additional and per hour charge is dependent on the repair shop or garage.

What is the average cost of a Chrysler water pump and timing belt replacement on a 2001 PT Cruiser with 117,000 miles?

Using factory parts the estimate would be around $1200, however, if aftermarket parts are used, the cost can be reduced. This is because generally a water pump replacement would also mean a belt replacement, unless that was already carried out in the recent past. Since the car has covered 117,000 miles already, the replacement is necessary. While carrying out these actions the tensioner design gets altered and should be replaced as well.

How to remove a Chrysler water pump replacement on a 2002 Voyager, 3.3L, when there isn’t enough clearance, however, the bolts are off the pulley and pump?

If the belt tensioner is observed, a single bolt at the center holding the tensioner to the timing cover will be visible. A large pry bar should be inserted between the frame rail and the belt tensioner. Using the right hand, the pry bar should be used to push the power train over, towards the left side of the van. While this is being held, using the left hand the Chrysler water pump and pulley can be removed together as a unit. Pushing the power train half an inch to the left can allow the water pump to get released.

What are the challenges in replacing a Chrysler water pump on a 1995 New Yorker 3.5?

The Chrysler water pump on a 3.5 is driven by a timing belt inside the timing cover. The water pump acts as an idler for the belt. The Chrysler water pump replacement should be accompanied with the belt replacement. In order to access and remove the water pump, first the core support, cooling fans, belts, timing cover, and timing belt need to be removed first. The Chrysler water pump on this car is fairly complex to change and may not be a replacement to be taken on by an amateur. It can take over three hours for a trained technician to complete this with the help of the right tools. The tools required are a special puller, along with an assortment of metric hand tools. On installation if the timing belt is not replaced correctly, it will not operate properly. In case a couple of teeth come off the belt, it can damage the pistons or valves. In order to fix this, the engine would need to be removed and dismantled, which is a more tedious procedure.

When the cam and crank marks weren’t placed during a Chrysler water pump replacement on a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica where should the marks on the cam be in accordance to the crank?

Typically the crank sprocket has a triangle which points to another triangle present on the oil pump housing. The cam sprockets also have marks which lie between the windows on the upper timing covers. Two dots should be visible at the upper timing covers, the mark on the cams need to be in between these two dots.

The Chrysler water pump is a vital and mandatory constituent on the Chrysler vehicle. It serves a particular task and usually needs maintenance. Issues related to Chrysler water pump replacement may be several and you could be looking for guidance or information on the Chrysler water pump. At this juncture a knowledgeable person such as an Expert can be helpful to guide you in a step-by-step manner or provide you with important and useful information regarding your problem.
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