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Cadillac Water Pump Questions

The Cadillac water pump is available in various designs with specific purposes. The water pump is one of the most important parts in the cooling system of a vehicle that are designed to pump the coolant and make it circulate throughout the entire cooling system. Though the Cadillac water pump is considered for its high performance, issues may arise which could lead to questions regarding repairs and replacements.

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What is required to remove and install the Cadillac water pump?

The special tool J 38816-1A (water pump remover/installer) is required to remove and install the water pump in order to prevent damage.

How can the Cadillac water pump drive plastic pulley be removed and replaced on Northstar engines?

When a Cadillac water pump starts leaking, is there a way to stop the leaking on a Northstar motor until it is replaced? There are many ‘stop leaks’ in the market; however, it may not be good for the Northstar motor. Nothing but replacement is recommended.

What are the tools and steps required to replace the Cadillac water pump?

The first step would be to drain the cooling system. Then the air cleaner assembly, the water pump belt cover, the water pump drive belt, the bypass hose, the lower radiator hose from the thermostat housing, and the bolts from the water pump cover could be removed.

The second step would be to remove the water pump, the pump seal, and the gasket from the housing using the tool J38816-1A. The tool needs to be turned clockwise in order to remove the water pump. After removing the water pump from the vehicle, the water pump and the pump sealing surfaces could be cleaned.

In order to install the water pump, the tool J 38816-1A is used. The tool should be turned counterclockwise in install the pump. The water pump needs to be tightened to 100 Nm (73 ft.lbs). Then the water pump housing cover and the bolts could be installed. The water pump housing cover bolts need to be tightened to 10Nm (89 inch lbs). The lower radiator house could be installed to the thermostat housing. After that, the thermostat bypass hose, the pump drive belt, the water pump belt cover, and the air cleaner assembly could be installed.

The final step would be to refill the cooling system.

If there is a problem with a Cadillac water pump, how would one know where the problem lies?

In this case, the water pump belt could be removed from the pump pulley, and the pump could be turned by hand. If the pump turns easily with no grinding, then the pump is probably fine. There could be a problem with the radiator if the core is plugged; in this case the replacement of the radiator is probably necessary.

The Cadillac water pump is a very important part in the cooling system of a vehicle. It is important to be aware of the problems that may arise. When faced with problems, turning to an Expert would be beneficial.
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