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Water Filter Problems

Water filters clear or remove the impurities present in domestic water through either of the following methods; fine physical barrier, chemical process or a biological process. The purpose to filter is necessary as the water needs to be free from contaminants prior to consumption. These filters are not just used in domestic settings but also for irrigation, aquariums and swimming pools. Water filters used at home are mainly inside refrigerators, freezers and provide water for drinking, ice making or other functions within these units. Listed below are a few common questions that have been answered by the Experts on water filter problems.

What is the process to change the water filter on a Jenn-Air refrigerator?

Locate the filter usually behind the refrigerator. Remove items from the top shelf to make it easier to view and change the filter. Twist it counter clockwise or in the direction of the arrows on the housing of the filter, it should loosen out. After which you can remove it and discard. Next take the replacement filter and push it up into place in the housing (where the old one was installed) and twist it in the clockwise direction until the filter is snug and locked in place. The filter can be purchased at any local appliance store or online.

How can an individual clean the water inlet filter which connects to the hose at the back of a Whirlpool washing machine?

The water inlet filter cannot be removed by you, since it is a part of the entire inlet water valve assembly. The reason the filter is built into this assembly is because earlier, owners would remove the screen and fail to re-install it which causes sediments to enter the valve making it come loose and result in major floods. Hence manufacturers opt for a less liable design by building the filters into the valve in the recent washer models. In order to clean it you could try using a water bottle which squirts water into the screens. Using Q-tips will help you clean the screen as much as possible. If this is not possible and the debris collection from the water is excessive, you may need to replace the inlet water assembly.

If a water filter has been replaced on a freezer and now there is water running down when pressing the “water” button, could this be because of a blockage?

This is a fairly common issue with the water filters. First check would be to determine if the filter is causing the issue. To do this, remove the new filter and reinstall the old filter to check if the water flow is still weak. If you face the same problem with the old filter as well the problem could be a faulty plastic filter receptacle which has not switched over correctly to allow the water to flow freely through the filter. The receptacle may need to be replaced for the water flow to improve.

While replacing the water filter and resetting the filter light on the control panel, the child lock operation got activated accidently, and what could an individual do to fix this?

The regular way to deactivate a child lock operation would be to keep the child lock button (located on the bottom right hand corner of the panel) pressed continuously for at least five seconds. The filter would need to be reset as well and you can do so by holding down the alarm button on the lower left for three seconds. If these actions do not work, the individual could try unplugging the unit for 60 seconds and turning it back on again. If this is unsuccessful as well, the individual could have short circuited their panel on the dispenser and control board. To fix the problem a new one will need to be ordered and installed.

What could be the cause of water not following from the refrigerator after replacing the water filter?

The most frequent reason for this problem is that the water line inside the door freezes. Check for the water line by removing the kick panel below the refrigerator and freezer doors. Disconnect the water line just behind the front panel close to the freezer door hinge and shut the door. Now press the water dispenser button to check if any water is released from the water line you just disconnected. If water does come out, you will need to turn off the refrigerator and leave the door open for approximately 45 minutes which would allow the door to get sufficiently warm. Once the water line is reconnected, the water should be dispensed correctly. To prevent this from happening in the future you could invest in a kit designed to provide heat to the dispenser. The kit costs about $40 and comes with installation instructions.

Water filter repair is fairly simple if you can first diagnose if the problem lies within the filter itself. Sometimes the issue could be with the refrigerator or freezer which it is installed in and other times replacement could work out more feasible. Therefore to know more about water filter repair Expert’s insights and solutions can be helpful and useful.
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