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Water Dispenser Troubleshooting

Water dispensers are devices which provide water for drinking purposes. Water dispensers can be stand alone devices or part of a refrigerator unit. Few of the stand alone models come with the option of providing both hot and cold water. Some of the main components of these appliances would be a tank, water filter, valves, tap and electrical units. Listed below are a few commonly asked questions answered by the Experts on water dispensing troubleshooting.

On a water dispenser why would the blue light indicating cold water stay on constantly?

When the blue light remains on constantly, where you hear the machine switching on and off and the water is not cold, it could be one of the two problems
• The sealed system has gone low on Freon
• Faulty compressor

The thermostat may not by faulty since the system stays on trying to reach the desired temperature. The relay is also fine as it turns on the compressor. This may not be a repair you can handle at home. The price for repair can be around $100.

Why is the water from the water dispenser on refrigerator door reaching the door but not exiting?

At the bottom of the freezer door behind the quick plate you should find a quick coupler. If water comes out of here on disconnecting, the water line could have collapsed or frozen inside the door. If the line has collapsed there is no repair as such and a frozen line is difficult to thaw. You may need to replace the door liner which can be quite expensive.

Why has the water dispenser on a GE Eterna side by side refrigerator stopped working, even after the water filter has been replaced and the refrigerator has been reset to ensure no kinks in the water line?

For this model of refrigerators a common issue is the water line within the door freezes. Remove the kick panel below the refrigerator and freezer doors. Disengage the water line behind the front panel close to the freezer door hinge and close the door. Now you need to press the water dispenser button on to see if water comes out of the water line where you have disconnected. If it does exit the refrigerator, you can resolve the issue by turning off the refrigerator and leaving the door open for approximately 45 minutes. This allows the door to heat up sufficiently, for the water dispenser to dispense water again. You can use a hair dryer to warm up the door faster.

Why is the stream of water on a Kenmore side by side refrigerator very slow?

The individual can pull their refrigerator forward in order to inspect the back side. The valve you see will be the water valve, with the water filter on its left along with the home water supply connected to this valve. Take out the valve and remove the water line. Hold the water line over a bucket using rubber gloves to prevent shocks. Turn on the water dispenser. If the water flow is slow, you need to replace the valve. However if the flow is normal here, check the other valve. If the water flow is restricted here (right side at the back), you will need to replace this valve.

What could be the problem if a Maytag refrigerator does not work, however the water dispenser does and there is a noise when the start button is pushed?

The water line on this fridge encompasses the back of the fridge and under the front into the door and up into the dispenser. The problem is most likely an air lock or blockage within the line. Try blowing compressed air into the water line. To do this, the individual will need to pull the unit away from the wall and remove the lower panel at the back. The individual should then see the valve behind this panel with one water line for the ice maker and another for the water fountain. Remove the line from the valve for the water fountain and next remove the grills from the front, under the doors. Behind this grill the water line goes into the door. Remove the water line from the joint and the individual will be able to blow air through the line.

The mechanism and functioning of a water dispenser is fairly simple. The common problems you can face with it are leakage, minimal flow or no flow. If you are facing a different issue, with specific instructions you can arrive at the problem area and work upon resolving it. Sometimes major problems if encountered may not deal water dispenser repair but in many cases it is a refrigerator repair. Therefore to understand better, insights and information from Experts will be helpful and useful to tackle the problem immediately and effectively.
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