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Water Cooler Problems

A water cooler or a water dispenser is a device which cools and dispenses water. They are usually of two categories, bottle-less and bottled water coolers. The coolers without bottles are generally connected to the water supply directly while the bottled water coolers contain the water within large bottles which are then inserted into the dispensing unit. These bottles are generally procured from vendors. Listed below are some common questions answered by Experts on water cooler problems.

Can a GE profile water cooler be recharged?

When it comes to mechanical components, you will find it difficult to find any. The unit can be recharged but it probably means there is a leak in the sealed system. Most of these water coolers are made by one manufacturer and rebranded. Hence it is probably better to replace the unit than recharge it. Another option would be to contact GE in case they extend their one year warranty on the product or can provide another alternative.

On a GE water cooler if the cold water tap is dispensing freezing water can this issue be fixed?

To understand your problem you would need to know certain mechanisms based on which your unit operates. The water cooler does not have any heating element. It uses the hot refrigerant from the system. The heat also comes from the water which is being cooled. If the water is freezing cold and at the same time not producing hot water, the problem is most likely with the sealed refrigerant system. This system has no replacement parts and anyone who has to service this needs to be a certified refrigerant technician as per EPA (environmental protection agency) guidelines. GE considers this unit to be disposable. Hence you may want to consider your options with regard to repair or replacement.

What could cause a water cooler to freeze and not allow water to be release? Can this be repaired?

This is most likely a case of a failed thermostat. The thermostat costs around $40. In order to replace the thermostat it involves complete disassembling of the unit. You would probably need to hire help to do this for you since it may be easy to disassemble but complicated to restore if you do not have experience doing so. This repair can cost over $160 including labor. It is probably better to replace the unit for lesser than to indulge in a cost prohibitive repair.

What can an individual do if they have recently sanitized a new water cooler and now there is leftover water that is not draining?

The first thing to try is to remove the cap and silicon stopper from the drain outlet to allow the water to drain out. After the water drains, the stopper and cap needs to be replaced. In your case, the plug is probably inserted in too far from your view. Try using a two inch dry wall screw to remove it. Dry wall screws are appropriate to be used here since they have a sharp edge or end to screw in easily without pushing the stopper in further.

What could be the problem if a water coolers cold water or chiller is not working and there are not indicator lights flashing?

You will need to check certain components. Start with the refrigerant compressor which is at the base usually accessible from the rear. It is about the size of a small football and black in color. On feeling this part, if it is at room temperature, the problem is probably due to a faulty thermostat. If fixed at an appliance store can cost you over $250. If the compressor is hot to touch, this could mean a refrigerant leak, defective fan motor, compressor start capacitor or faulty compressor. This is also an expensive repair and can cost more than replacing a thermostat.

What are the reasons for the cold water tap to malfunction or the water tank to freeze in a water cooler?

The following reasons cause the cold water tap to malfunction or freezing of the water tank:
1. If there are extreme conditions and the water is left unused, the cooling compartment may overload with the continuous running of the compressor
2. The cooling load could be too warm.
3. The door of the cooling compartment may be improperly shut

The mechanism and functioning of a water dispenser is fairly simple. The common problems you can face with it are leakage, minimal flow or no flow. If you are facing a different issue, with specific instructions you can arrive at the problem area and work upon resolving it. Sometimes major problems if encountered may not deal water cooler repair but in many cases it is a refrigerator repair. Therefore to understand better, insights and information from Experts will be helpful and useful to tackle the problem immediately and effectively.
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