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Waste Disposer Questions

A waste disposer is a device used to allow garbage to pass through the plumbing. The functioning is as follows. The device is generally electrically powered with a switch to operate and installed under a kitchen sink between the drain and the trap. The trap is the component which shreds food waste into small pieces usually two millimeters or smaller thereby allowing it to pass through the pipes and get disposed off efficiently. Listed below are a few commonly asked questions that have answered by the Experts on waste disposer.

Is it possible to reach in and free rotating blades that do not move easily on a food waste disposer? Also, how would an individual stop a leave from the reset button on a waste disposer?

There is no prescribed or easy route to clear the obstruction or stuck rotating blades. If you do manage to do so, the unit will become quite loud and unusable. For these types of issues, replacing the unit would be more fruitful rather than inserting your hand into it, risking unforeseen dangers. The seals to these appliances are installed in the factory and assembled by specialized machines. The appliance needs to be fixed mostly at the manufacturing unit. Additionally, there are no seals readily available in the market to replace the damaged one.

If a kitchen waste disposer has been clogged and cleaned, however the disposer still drains slowly and seems to be clogged, is there anything an individual can do to quicken the process?

One of the simple tricks you can try is filling the disposal with ice cubes. Next, slowly open the water tap and turn on the disposal. Allow it to operate this way and the interior of the disposal should clear out slowly. You can try this method two to three times for you to be able to clean it as much as possible without involving a professional to inspect it. If on doing this, your disposal stops working or is not making any noise, check for a button at the bottom of the disposal which allows you to reset the unit. You probably have a clogged pipe after the disposal unit and not at the waster disposer itself. You could try removing the waste disposer from below the sink to check if there is any clog.

What could be the problem with a waste disposer that is jammed and is not clearing even after being reset?

In this case, the possibility of a foreign object clogging the unit is high. You require a quarter inch allen wrench to turn the motor. Open the cabinets and look at the bottom of the disposal. You should be able to see a key hole in the middle. Insert the allen wrench into it and turn it to clear any blockage. Just next to the key hole there would be a red overload button which could be extended as it may have tripped. Push it in. Turn on the waste disposer to see if it runs and overrides the jam. You may need to insert your arm and remove any debris which breaks free. Prior to doing this, unplug the unit. If there is nothing inside the motor and appears completely wound and seized, you may need to replace the unit as it may not be worth the repair.

What items can be safely disposed in a newly installed Kenmore food waste disposer?

You can dispose most food items such as raw banana peel, chicken bones, corn cob, raw chicken or meat trimmings and so on. Beef bones may not be disposed into this unit. It should be noted, that meat and raw chicken can coat the inner lining of the unit with grease on disposing. To clean the disposer and eradicate the grease you will need to pour hot water along with a little dishwashing detergent. Regular cleaning can be done by putting ice cubes into the unit and turning it on. The ice slivers help clean the chopper blades.

Should an individual lubricate or repair an old Maytag food waste disposer that makes noises that seems to be components that are dislodged?

Generally domestic waste disposers are not meant to be repaired. The reason is they cannot be dismantled or separated to access the moving parts. The noise which you hear is most likely an overly loose cutting blade mounted on the circular grinding plate. These units are not meant for long term usage and replacing the appliance is more feasible since the cost of repair can be more than the cost of a new unit. Since your unit is over six years, it has served the purpose and needs to be replaced soon.

Waste disposers are a crucial unit in a kitchen. Efficient running of the system helps maintain a clean and safe kitchen. When you face problems with this system it can be quite a hassle and cause hygiene issues. In order to ascertain the waste disposer problem you are facing has a quick solution or may not be worth the repair, you can receive this information and solutions from the thousands of available Experts
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