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Washing Machine Problems

A washing machine is used to launder clothing using water as the primary cleaning agent accompanied with soap or detergent. Usually these machines perform functions including soak, wash, rinse and spin along with filling and emptying water. Common washing machine problems include leakage, noise or display errors.

Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on issues related to washing machine problems.

When my washing machine flashes “DC”, what does it signify?

The signage “DC” could mean the unit is out of balance or the unit’s system perceives it to be out of balance. To check this, you can remove the clothes and run the washing machine without clothes to see if it will spin. If it does work, you can determine that the tub’s balance sensor was sensing that the clothes were out of balance. . If the machine does not spin despite any clothes, the problem could lie with a faulty balance sensor which is located in the motor control board in most models.

My three year old Fisher and Paykel washing machine is leaking water on the floor for the last couple of weeks. How can I fix this?

The problem stated by you is a common issue with most washing machines. It involves the recirculation tube located on the back right corner of the tub being clogged with lint. Another reason could be that when the tub is in “spin” mode, the constant rubbing of clothes against the circulation tube could have damaged the fill tub. What you can do is remove the top panel and check for lint in the recirculation tube. To remove the panel, open the lid and locate the two plastic caps in the front right and left corner of the top frame. Dislodge the caps with a sharp object such as a knife and loosen the screws underneath. This will allow you to lift the top panel and hinge it back to gain access. If it is not clogged, you would need to replace the recirculation tube using the full model number available at

A key symbol was displayed on my Bosch Classixx (6 1400) washing machine after which it stopped working. What do I do?

The key symbol usually indicates a child lock program. The child lock program comes on by pressing the “finish in” button for approximately five seconds until the symbol appears. Once you release the “finish in” button, the child proof lock is active and the symbol is displayed even if you select a different program. The symbol remains displayed even in the event of a power failure. To deactivate this function, you first need to select the child proof program and then hold down the “finish in” button (approximately for five seconds) until the symbol disappears.

My washing machine is not draining and entering the spin cycle. Instead it stops and displays three lights that beep every second. I have unplugged it several times but it is still not working. Why?

Constant beeping could indicate the hot water supply is affected. Check for water in the hot water faucet, clean the inlet hoses and try increasing the household water temperature if required. If the cold water light flashes along with the beeps, check the cold water faucet and inlet hoses too. If the beeps continue, displaying both hot and cold water lights, ensure both water faucets are open and clean both hoses. Also ensure the drain hose is placed high enough so that water can drain out of the washing machine. If the washing machine beeps displaying a “high” water level light, empty the machine until the load is smaller and select a higher water level. If the beep comes on with the “rinse” or “spin” light flashing, select the “rinse and drain” cycle to reduce the amount of detergent in the tub.

My washing machine makes a humming noise while it is trying to drain but it is not draining. Why is this happening?

The problem seems to be due to a blocked pump. First you will need to empty the tub by manually draining it. Then access the bottom by tipping the machine backwards and unplug the unit. The drain pump is usually located in the front right corner of the machine and has a fan blade hanging from the bottom. If the fan blade does not spin freely on twisting it, you will need to disengage the drain pump and clear the blockage. There will generally be a plastic tab locking the pump which you need to push. Then twist the pump about a quarter turn to release it. If the blade does spin without restraint, look for the “Y” connection at the back right corner which has three one inch hoses connected to it. Disconnect these hoses, check for blockages and remove if any. If no blockages are discovered, the drain pump might need to be replaced which could cost roughly $100.

There are several issues that you could face with a washing machine. While a few minor problems can be resolved by you if you are comfortable doing so, others could require professional intervention. Diagnosing the problem however is the key to fixing any issue. To get help, information or guidance required to repair your machine, turn to an Expert for a professional opinion.

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