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Warming Drawers Related Questions

What is a warming drawer?

Warming drawers are innovative cooking devices designed to offer low heat which allow meals to remain hot and ready to serve/eat. Usually these drawers are installed along with matching wall ovens stacked in a single cabinet module. These drawers provide a uniform, clean finish and space saving options in the kitchen along with elegance and convenience. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on warming drawers.

What does ERR 40 mean and how do I reset it on a Wolf warming drawer?

This is an error which occurs if there is an interruption in the initial warm up cycle such as the door being opened during the first 15 minutes. To reset follow these steps:

1. Press on/off key once
2. Press and hold for 5 seconds in the following order: Med + Proof + Power. Display should change to “err ####”
3. Press and hold the “up” and “down” buttons simultaneously for five seconds.
4. Press the power key to check if the codes have cleared.

Following the above steps should clear out the code if you have done it right. If it has not, try again starting from step 1. Resetting the error code is not simple; however to prevent it you should avoid opening the door during the preheating period in future. If error reappears when you use the drawer later, it could also be due to a faulty element.

Is there any way to reset a Dacor warming drawer that has suddenly shut off and will not come back on?

First you would need to uninstall the drawer from the cabinet by removing the mounting screws which hold it in place. Next remove the entire warming drawer case. Take off the top panel. Usually there is a small black or silver device right behind the control panel. The switch is around the size of a penny with two wires entering it. On this switch there should be a tiny button which needs to be pressed to reset. If it clicks, the unit should work again. If not it could be a faulty thermostat since it will not turn on either on timer or manual settings.

How can an individual repair their 30 inch Dacor warming drawer when the door will not close completely after a technician replaced a thermostat?

First reason for the drawer to be slightly open would be if the unit is not mounted on level. Check the mounting. If the drawer was taken out due to the repair work done by the technician, there will be four mounting holes where the drawer is screwed into the cabinet. If he has not replaced these screws correctly and lifted the back or dropped the front down, this can cause the issue. You will need to disassemble and reinstall it correctly to allow it to close completely.

A cookie sheet has fallen behind a Kitchenaid warming drawer at the bottom causing the drawer to remain open. How would someone remove the warming drawer?

If this is a sliding warming drawer model you should be able to pull the drawer out completely. Check the back portion of the drawer slide and you should be able to see a plastic locking clip on the right as well as left rails. Push down one of the levers while pulling up the other to unlock the drawer. After doing this, you should be able to pull the drawer forward and out to remove it.

How can an individual check the fan motor on a Dacor warming drawer to insure that the fan has burnt?

The fan is usually controlled by a thermostat which is beside the reset thermostat. It operates by closing when it gets hot thereby allowing the fan to come on. Try joining the thermostat wires together and the fan should run. If the fan does not work or stops prematurely, you should try replacing the little thermostats. If the fan is binding or slow, then you should replace the fan.

Warming drawers are quite handy when you need to serve a hot meal or a meal at a certain temperature by avoiding microwaves and other re-heating devices. They save a lot of time and effort as a plate can be placed inside the drawer, ready to serve. The common problems listed above deal mainly with the warming drawers going off without warning or methods to remove the warming drawers from their housing. Most of these repairs and solutions can be handled by you with a help and instructions from Experts as they have the professional knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process.
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