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Dog Walking Problems

Dog walking problems can be a sign or symptom of underlying issues with a canine. Many dog owners have questions about their dog walking habits and what if anything their odd dog walking signs may point to. Often these uncertainties lead to questions like the ones answered below by Experts.

What can it mean for a dog to be walking in circles and twitching eyes with no diagnosis of an ear infection?

Generally a dog walking in circles with twitching eyes and a head tilt would indicate an inner ear issue. Inner ear issue can cause poor balance and in turn give the sight of your dog walking in circles. If the inner ear issues are not symptomatic of your dog walking in circles then it could mean there is a neurological problem such as a tumor or even a stroke. To get a complete diagnosis an MRI may be needed.

Why is my dog walking wobbly?

There can be many factors in a dog walking wobbly. It could be as simple as a sprain, a toxin that is present, spinal problems, or even back pain issues. If the issues persist you may want to visit your veterinarian to check the knees, hips, and possibly do a neurological exam. In the meantime, you can decrease the normal activity of you dog and try an anti-inflammatory pain medicine.

Could a dog become sick and affect a dogs walking ability from carrying a dead pigeon?

Canines are in fact carnivores which indicate a strong acidic stomach that can eliminate many bacteria of meat that they may eat. Generally a dog walking around with a dead carcass of a pigeon in their mouth would not likely get that dog sick or even cause the dog to walk any different than before. If the dog does begin to throw-up you can leave him without food or water for half a day. If no signs of improvement are seen make a visit to the vet.

My dog seems to get stress bumps any time a random dog walking by come close. Are the bumps caused from stress?

The stress bumps are referred to as Urticarial bumps aka hives. Hives will typically come from an allergic reaction to something but not solely. The description that they pop up when a dog walking by gets close does lead to a stressful encounter for your dog. Your veterinarian can validate if your dog has hives and prescribe a good treatment plan which would include a steroid and antihistamine injection. You will want to act quickly as hives can begin to affect the cardiovascular system or GI tract. In essence your dog can have an anaphylactic reaction.

If a dog begins to walk and falls down like stroke symptoms, are there any known diseases that could cause dog walking problems?

Vestibular disease does present with similar symptoms like a dog walking in circles, dog walking and falling down, drunk walking, head tilt, vomiting, and eye twitches. Vestibular disease can generally be caused from either brain diseases, diseases outside of the brain like infections, toxins, or organ issues, or it can be what is called old dog vestibular disease where there is no known cause.

Having good information on issues that can arise from a dog walking abnormally can help when dealing with questions regarding those dog walking problems. Experts can help answer your concerns about dog walking problems or possible dog walking signs of disease. Get the answers you seek by asking an Expert today.
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