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Baby Waking at Night

When baby keeps waking up at night we wonder what the underlying cause is contributing to these disturbances in their rest. Am I allowing enough time for burping? When cold season is upon us what can we offer our baby in relief of a persistent cough that keeps them up at night, depriving them of sleep? Some of us are at our wits end as we feel we have tried everything in avoiding an interruption in a good night’s rest for our baby. An Expert may have insight of various methods used for a baby waking up at night.

A year old baby has a cold, and baby keeps waking up at night coughing, what can a parent give their baby other than baby Tylenol for relief and sleep?

It could be dangerous to inhibit a cough in a baby if a viral infection is present. Ibuprofen can be used in reducing the inflammation in ones throat passages that may aide in reducing the cough. If fever is present, breathing becomes labored or if your baby’s appetite and liquid intake is effected one may want to see a pediatrician and have their child tested for Bordetella (whooping cough) as this may need to be treated with antibiotics.

A baby keeps waking up at night with curdling screams and cries that last for long periods of time, pediatrician said there was nothing wrong, what could be causing this?

Night terrors in babies may not be uncommon. Changing babies sleep patterns may offer a baby waking in the night a good night’s rest. Slowly adjusting nap time to shorter less frequent rest periods and putting a child to bed a little later in the evening. Watching television at night is not always an effective tool to settle a child in for the night. Most children will outgrow this but if necessary a pediatrician may offer a low dose of a sedative in offering a baby a good night’s rest.

A breast fed baby keeps waking up at night to burp. What can one do to relieve this excessive gas that keep interrupting a baby’s rest?

Excessive gas in babies can result from acid reflux or peptic disease. A pediatric gastroenterologist may offer testing in a diagnosis that may offer treatment for a baby’s discomfort. Elevating the head of the bed and an offering of smaller meals are things you can try at home to relieve symptoms of acid reflux. Untreated acid reflux in babies will usually go away between 12 and 18 months of age.

What can a parent do to provide the correct amount of sleep for a baby that is still waking up several times throughout the night?

This is not uncommon. The “cry it out” method may be very effective in a baby waking in the night.

A baby frequently waking up at night is on a diet that consist of breast milk and yogurt, is this adequate nourishment to hold a baby over through the night?

The introduction of soft solid foods may help in an offering your baby fulfilled nourishment that eventually allows them to sleep through the night.

There may not be medications available to relieve cold symptoms that may wake a baby at night but elevating the head of the bed, the use of a cool mist vaporizer and nasal bulb may offer relief of a baby’s cold symptoms in achieving a good night’s rest for one’s child. Acid reflux may also be a contributing result to a baby waking in the night expressing signs of discomfort in their cries. In an offering a baby a good night’s rest it may be necessary to consult with a pediatrician in a diagnosis of the underlying cause for a baby waking at night.
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