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W-4 Form Related Questions

What are W-4 forms?

A W-4 form is a tax form used to show the deductions and taxes that will be withheld from each paycheck while employed with a particular company. The W-4 forms are an important part of the employee/employer relationship and when it comes to taxes, the W-4 form is important in determining the deductions an employer will withhold from the employee’s pay. The W-4 is also the form that the IRS uses to determine what the employee needs to pay the government. Getting legal answers from an Expert about questions you may have on W-4 withholding, W-4 deductions, and W-4 questions is both fast and affordable.

if a former employer claims the have lost the appropriate file is there a way for the former employee to get a copy of their W-4 form?

The former employee would have to contact the human resource department of the company they worked for, and have them ask the payroll department because they would have their own copy of the w-4 form, but there is no possible way for the former employee to retrieve the original copy, if it was in fact lost.

if an employee listed a 5 on their deductions on their w-4 form would the employer be liable for any of the taxes withheld?

The employee is responsible for all the information they have put on their w-4. It is the responsibility of the employee to make sure that the information is correct. W-4 forms and W-4 deductions can often be confusing, before getting your nerves frazzled; you can ask an Expert.

if an employer ignores the request to withhold money from the employees check according to their W-4 form, is the employee still liable for the taxes at the end of the year?

Regardless of if the employer ignored a request or not the employee is always liable for their own taxes. If the employee has any other questions or concerns, the Experts on JustAnswer may have detailed advice that could help further.

are owners of an LLC required to fill out I-9 forms along with CT W-4 and Federal W-4 forms?

Owners of a company are required to fill out I-9 forms but unless they are also active employees they would not be required to fill out Federal or State W-4 forms.

what can a person do in the state of Oklahoma if they refused direct deposit and have not received an single paycheck after weeks of employment and have never been asked to fill out a W-4 form?

The employee has a couple of options they could choose. One being they could take the employer to a small claims court and sue the company for wages earned. And the other option is to file a wage claim with the state of Oklahoma labor board.

Employees and employers find themselves faced with several concerns and questions when it comes to W-4 forms. The questions range from W-4 laws to W-4 withholdings. When faced with these questions and/or concerns, asking an Expert can be a fast and inexpensive way to get clarity on the W-4 form and the laws that are associated with them.
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