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Voluntary Manslaughter Questions

What is the voluntary manslaughter definition?

According to Wikipedia, Voluntary manslaughter is defined as killing another person in which the offender had no previous intent to kill that person, and the killing had been committed in the “heat of the passion”, under certain conditions would cause a mentally stable person to be emotionally or mentally unstable. In the Uniform Crime Reports set out by the Federal Bureau of Investigation voluntary manslaughter is known as non negligent manslaughter. Voluntary manslaughter is not the only crime related to killing another individual, involuntary manslaughter is another term that is used.

What is Voluntary vs. involuntary manslaughter?

The difference between voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter is voluntary manslaughter is known as an act or physical crime that is committed on purpose and that is done without any prior thought or prior planning that resulted in the victims death. Also, this type of manslaughter can include the intention to kill someone or cause serious harm to another person that resulted in the victim’s death. Involuntary manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being without malice or forethought, or prior planning.

What is the involuntary manslaughter punishment?

The involuntary manslaughter punishment all depends on the state in which the crime was committed in. The federal guidelines require that the maximum sentence does not go over six years. The only jurisdictions that the Federal law guidelines apply to are in some federal jurisdictions, ships or airplanes. In the state of New York the punishment can be up to 15 years, but in the state of California the maximum punishment is four years. As for a juvenile the punishment is normally around 36 to 136 months.

In the state of Georgia why can’t someone get their records removed for involuntary manslaughter with a pardon and restoration right awarded after 38 years?

In the state of Georgia the state allows the removal off a person’s record only when the criminal charges are against the person who has been decided on without a conviction and the person has not been convicted of any other crime within the last five years. Expungement is also allowed if the person has a juvenile record, but not considered a judged delinquent. Georgia also does not allow expungement to a person where their charges are dismissed because of a plea bargain. A pardon from the Governor is considered an official forgiveness, but is not considered removed from this person record. In this case, the reason this person cannot get this conviction removed from their record is because is person was convicted, and the law in Georgia states that convictions are not allowed to be expunged.

In the state of Texas if someone convicted of involuntary manslaughter was placed on probation and served the probation period and the court had dismissed the case, can this person own a firearm?

In the state of Texas if someone was placed on probation of involuntary manslaughter that means that this person was convicted of the crime. What this means is that the person was charged with what is called a violent felony, and this is something that prohibits this person from owning, possessions etc a firearm.

When convicted of a felony relating to involuntary manslaughter this is considered a serious crime, and there are many restrictions and punishments that will follow. The punishments and restrictions can vary from state to state and how serious the crime was. For more information regarding involuntary manslaughter cases contact the Experts.
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