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TV Volume Control Problems

The volume control on a remote being adjusted Volume control is a technology that controls the volume in electronic devices like televisions and other multimedia applications. This technology is mainly used to adjust the volume by maintaining a balance in the bass and treble settings while watching a program. It helps in adjusting the sound level through audio devices like microphones, speakers and so on. Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to TV Volume Control that has been answered by the Experts.

What can an individual do if the volume control on an LG TV works while watching programs on a Dish box, but doesn’t working while watching a movie on a DVD player, the volume number increases, but the audio doesn’t?

A possible reason for this to be happening is because your Dish box and your DVD player are not connected to each other. They are separate units. Therefore, when you are using the Dish remote to control the volume while watching movies on your DVD, it’s not working. This is because the Dish remote is changing the volume on the Dish box and not on your TV. Therefore, to change the volume on your TV, you need to use the LG remote of your TV.

How can an individual fix an issue where the volume control on a Samsung TV has stopped working, and the individual has lost audio to all channels?

To begin with, you would first need to switch off the TV and the cable box and then disconnect the cable box from the AC power for few minutes. In the meantime, you would have to disconnect and reconnect the HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) cable, ensuring it is properly secured on both ends. Once that is done, you could connect the cable box back and allow it to reboot after you have turned it on. Once the reboot is complete, you may turn on the TV and try watching a program. You should have the audio come back by then.

What can an individual do when the volume control is not working, however all other functions are working?

In order to verify if the remote is working or not, you would need to follow few steps. First you would have to point your remote at a digital camera or a cell phone with a camera. Then you would need to press the volume button on it. Once you press the button, you would need to look through the camera to see if there is any red flash from the remote’s end. If you cannot see any red light flashing from it, it means you have a faulty remote. In that case, all you would need to do is to have it replaced.

What could be the problem with the volume control on a TV that keeps going up and down and the control panel seems to be stuck? If the individual presses the up button for while pressing the down button this increases the volume, however it will go down once releasing the buttons.

To begin with, it seems very unlikely that the problem is with your TV as the volume on your TV is itself turning up and down. Moreover, you would find that in most cases, there are some channels and commercials that are broadcasted at a much higher or lower volume compared to others. Now, in such a situation, the only way you could cure this problem is by activating the Auto Volume option on your TV. In order to do that, you would first have to go to the Menu option. Then you would need to go to Audio and then the Auto Volume option. After that, you should press the Enter button to activate Auto Volume. However, based on what you stated, it looks like you have a faulty button board, which has a high chance of failing, if not replaced. Therefore, if you want to have a qualified technician replace the board for you, you could visit It would help you find a TV repair technician in your locality.

In order to maintain stability in the volume level, TV volume controls are used. Many volume control devices like SRS TruVolume, TV Sound Regulator and so on help in controlling the fluctuations in volume during a channel or commercial broadcast. Some televisions also have in-built volume control features like Auto Volume option that keeps the volume even and constant. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to TV Volume Control, you may ask an Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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