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Voltage Problems

Although a measurement of 240 volts of power is supplied by electricity service suppliers to houses around the country, it doesn’t mean that the voltage cannot fluctuate. Depending on how the electricity load flows through power stations and switching facilities, the voltage can vary between 210 and 250 volts every now and then. However, if there is constant fluctuation and the lights keep dimming and brightening through the day, you could have a voltage problem. There are several reasons why this could happen and if not checked, voltage problems could lead to electronic devices and appliances being damaged.

Listed below are a few questions answered by the electricians on voltage related problems.

How can I convert low voltage switches that operate lights in my home to regular switches?

It would be very expensive to do this since it would involve installing the cables from the switch opening back to the place of the relays and then getting them junctioned up. There are still devices available for low voltage systems and the system wiring should not be affected by overloads or age. So it’s probably best to leave it as is.

I am experiencing voltage problems at home that are causing lights to flicker, a small window unit air conditioner to go on and off and my washing machine to barely run. How do I know whether the source of this problem is with the electricity company or at my end?

To start with, you could open your electrical panel and examine all the wire terminations physically. Ensure you carefully examine the incoming feed wires. It’s quite possible that there is a loose connection at your end and this could affect the entire house. All you need to do is tighten all the wires. However, be careful as some of the wires are hot wires.

What are some of the causes for voltage to vary in a house circuit?

A drop in voltage or a really bad connection can affect the voltage on a circuit. Voltage fluctuations can also be caused by changes to the power company’s distribution of power as well.

My employee decided to change a burned out 400 watt multi-vapor lamp without shutting off the breaker. The glass broke in the process and he touched the lamp electrodes by accident. Since there was still power running through it, he received a shock and dislocated his shoulder. If the lamp was burned out, would he get a shock measuring 208 volts from the breaker or one of a higher voltage?

It’s difficult to determine the exact amount of current that would have been flowing through. However, in all probability, he would have come into contact with 208V, which could have potentially caused his death had he continued to maintain contact with the lamp.

Voltage fluctuations can easily cause considerable damage to home electronic devices since they are meant to operate with only a certain amount of power. One way of preventing this from happening is by using a voltage stabilizer. This is a device designed to maintain a stable level of voltage and will therefore supply expensive electronic equipment with the right amount of power needed to run it. There are several kinds of voltage stabilizers available and an expert can help you choose the right one. If you have other questions about voltage problems, you can ask an Expert for answers.

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