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VoIP Problems

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP refers to technology that helps you transmit a voice over the Internet. With a high-speed Internet connection, business and personal calls can be made all across the world through VoIP. All the user needs to do is dial a number and have a conversation via a normal telephone that is plugged into a special decoder box that sends and receives the call. What it really does is that the VoIP device changes analog sound waves into digital data and sends it via the Internet. Since VoIP has become increasingly common, many people may have questions while installing and using it. Given below are a few questions answered by the Experts on VoIP related issues.

I am going on an RV trip and want to use my VoIP phone gateway and phone. My service provider is Primus. I will try and use WiFi at camping sites and need to plug my VoIP gateway into Ethernet to stay connected. Would a bridge be a good way to do this or is there another way?

Typically, a VOIP phone and gateway will work with any Wifi network. In your case, your gateway has to be connected to an Ethernet device. If you want to change your wired device to a wireless network you would need to be using a device like this. A bridge will not help you since you would need to access the main wireless router to configure it.

If you want to buy the Ethernet Converter, you can check at Best Buy or Staples for the Netgear version. You would need to connect the Converter to your VOIP Gateway so it can find an IP address from the WiFi network and access the web. Once you go online, your VoIP should perform normally.

There are only two of us connected to my Belkin 802.11g VoIP wireless router and the other person uses a Netgear WG111 USB adapter to connect. Very often, my signal strength is less than good. Despite varying the channel to get the best one, nothing works. What should I do?

To improve your signal performance you need to make sure that the following things are in place:
1. The router and wireless USB device is placed at a distance of least four feet away from any electronic device.
2. There should be a 20 feet distance between the wireless USB device and any wireless phone base station.
3. Finally, ensure that the router and the wireless USB device is placed at a distance of at least three feet from the ground and the wall is a minimum of one foot away.

Would a WAG54G2 router be compatible with VoIP?

There would be no compatibility problem between this Linksys router and VoIP. Another thing you could consider doing is enabling a higher priority with QoS (Quality of Service) for your VoIP calls. This might slow down your bandwidth if a specific port has more priority however.

I currently have a VoIP phone adaptor, Linksys PAP2, and a digital broadband modem (one port) that uses LAN to connect my computer to the Internet. I am going to use a router between the digital modem and the computer and phone adaptor. I need one that is secure, works well with a small home network and is compatible with the modem and the phone adaptor at the same time. What do you suggest?

A Linksys router works well. You could choose between two models: the WRT54G Wireless-G Router or the LinkSys E1200 Wireless-No Router. The first one is designed with 4 ethernet ports plus wireless that should suit your needs. The second one works just the same except that it has the added capability of working on wireless N that is going to become more common. They should be available for anything between $65 and $75. If you are willing to stretch your budget and want something even better you could consider the Linksys E2500 which should be around $100. Apart from having the same features as the E1200, it is dual band instead of single band which enhances dependability.

In case you have a cable modem and don’t want to use a wireless router, remember that once you switch off the radio on a router, it is no longer wireless. There are non wireless routers available and a good example is the Linksys RVS4000. However, the wireless ones are not as expensive and it’s useful to have wireless should you feel the need to ever use it. If you get a wireless one, just turn off the “radio” and it won’t work as a wireless router. Finally, remember that the wireless router will become your wireless internet service so you don’t need a separate one. It is basically wire that connects from the cable box to the router but if the radio is on, you will have wireless anywhere in the house.

While you may have come across a few of the problems stated above, your own experience of using VoIP may cause you to have further questions. These could be issues related to the reason behind frequent call drops, unclear voices, power supply problems, trouble with your adapter or router and so on. In these situations, it is always better to seek professional help. Put your queries to Networking Experts now to get quick solutions that are also cost-effective.
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