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Vivitonin For Dogs

Do you need to know if Vivitonin will treat the symptoms your dog is having? Has your dog had a stroke and is now being treated with Vivitonin? Vivitonin for dogs can help increase blood flow to the brain. If you have similar concerns, then read below for questions much like these answered by Experts.

What is Vivitonin for dogs?

Vivitonin is a drug with the active ingredient propentofylline that increases blood flow. It is able to increase the dog’s blood flow by dilating the blood vessels and by thinning the blood. This aids blood flow to the brain to be better thereby reducing the change of ischemic injury that can cause strokes. This drug can also help the heart and kidneys.  There are some cases in which the drug may also help mobility of some dogs with hind limb weakness.

It is normal for Vivitonin to be prescribed for occasional overnight fecal incontinence?

Vivitonin for dogs is marketed to treat symptoms of overall dullness, fatigue, and loss of interest in exercise. Many of which are seen in older dogs. Manufacturers do not make any claims that the drug can relieve fecal incontinence when age related. There are really no medications that can effectively be used for this problem. Incontinence in older dogs is an age related issue. 

Will a dog improve if given Vivitonin and Clindacyl for a stroke?

Vestibular disease can resemble what a stroke looks like in humans but it is actually an issue with the inner ear. Most dogs will recover from this quickly with only a head tilt left behind. Clindacyl is an antibiotic and will help with the inner ear infection if present. Vivitonin can help with blood circulation improvement as well as healing from infection.

What explanation can be given for a dog that was showing improvement while on Vivitonin and was also kicked by a horse and now the liver is ruptured?

It is unlikely that the drug Vivitonin had anything to do with the ruptured liver. When there is severe trauma the force of the trauma can cause the liver to become ruptured. This likely was caused by the horse’s kick. Trauma such as this to an older dog could cause a lot of damage. Older dogs become more fragile and prone to injury

If a dog was prescribed Vivitonin for dementia, what else is recommended?

Vivitonin could help with dementia or Cognitive Dysfunction (CDS) by increasing blood flow to the brain. If CDS is present a recently approved drug called L-Selegeline (Anipryl) can be used. The drug needs to be taken for at least a month before improvement is seen. If improvement is not seen after a month then it may be necessary to have a brain scan performed and have the dog’s eyes checked.

What is recommended for a small 13-year-old dog that is not able to get out of bed, has a heart murmur and pees on himself?

These symptoms of incontinence can be due to old age or it can be related to low blood pressure due to heart murmur. For that period of time when the dog wets himself it is possible that he was hypoxic meaning there was not enough oxygen getting to the tissues for normal functionality. It is not uncommon for geriatric dogs to experience hypoxic episodes. An examination may be needed to check on the heart murmurs especially if the symptoms persist or get worse. Vivitonin is a drug that can help increase blood supply to the brain and perhaps stop these episodes this may be something that can be discussed with the vet as a possible treatment.

Vivitonin for dogs can be useful in treating certain conditions in older dogs. Questions about this drug’s effectiveness or overdosing amounts may arise even after visiting with the vet that you need answers to. Verified Experts can help answer these questions and more from the comfort of your home.

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