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Questions about Visitation Laws

When a couple with children separates or divorces, it can lead to many questions about child custody and child visitation rights. Fathers are often faced with the prospect of fighting for father’s visitation rights. Grandparents can be left wondering about grandparent’s visitation rights. The Experts on JustAnswer regularly answer many questions visitation laws. Below are five of the top visitation law questions that have been answered by the Experts on JustAnswer.

In the state of New York can an aunt file for visitation rights?

New York does have laws stating that any interested party has the right for visitation. By this provision an aunt would usually be able to petition for visitation rights. Both blood relatives involved in the child’s life, and a non-blood relative caring for a family member would normally have the right to file for visitation in New York.

In California do aunts and uncles have to right to visitation?

In California, the court normally does not recognize aunts and uncles for visitation rights. If the parent is unfit, the aunt or uncle could file for temporary custody. A parent is usually deemed to be unfit by the court if there is evidence of child abuse or neglect, drug or alcohol problem, or spousal abuse in front of the child. If the parent has none of these problems then the aunt or uncle may not be able to file does not have the right for any visitation rights. Visitation laws vary from state to state. Even the particulars of your specific situation can determine the legal options available to you. One way to ascertain your visitation rights is to ask family lawyers on JustAnswer. They will assess the details of your case and provide their Expert opinion on the best course of action for you.

If someone has visitation rights and drops the child off at someone else’s house without seeing the child for days, what are the other parents rights?

You would have the right to go and pick the child up from the place where they were dropped off during the other parent’s visitation time. Also, you could go to court. The judge would try and assess whether the two parents couldn’t come to an agreement on visitation time, and that seems unlikely, then the judge would decide on the visitation time.

Do grandparents have visitation rights in Indiana?

The court can grant visitation rights for grandparents if it deems it to be in the best interest of the child, although, not all grandparents have the privilege of having visitation rights. Grandparents can ask for visitation rights if: one of the parents has passed away, or the child’s parents are divorced. The court will consider the rights of the grandparent if they have had or have tried to maintain contact with the child. The court will also look at the relationship between the child and the grandparent, and between the grandparent and the parents. Indiana strictly follows the law to consider grandparents to have visitations but does not follow the law for great-grandparents. To know exactly what legal options you may have, bring your questions to Family Lawyers on JustAnswer. Their legal insights may be able to help you make informed legal decisions.

In Texas what does someone do if the ex spouse is not letting them have their visitation time?

If visitation time was decided by the court, then both parents have to respect the decision and follow its provisions. When someone violates direct court orders, they are considered to be in contempt of the court. To enforce your visitation rights, you could consider filing for contempt. You would need to show how the other parent is violating the court orders about your visitation rights as ordered by the court. You would need to file in the same state where the visitation rights were granted.

There are many aspects to visitation. Visitation rights of custodial and non-custodial parents; married, separated, divorced, remarried and unmarried parents; grandparents’ custodial rights are just a few of the factors that can make visitation seem like a complex issue. If you are unclear about how you can get visitation rights, you could ask a Family Lawyer on JustAnswer for a quick, insightful and affordable legal assessment of your situation.
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