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Questions about Visa Invitation Letter

Every foreigner who wants to enter the U.S. either as a nonimmigrant or immigrant must apply for visa. The person concerned should be able to proffer a valid reason why he/she wishes to enter the U.S. Along with that he/she has to satisfy the authorities about a whole range of other issues. A letter of invitation sometimes facilitates this process of obtaining the visa as this might help prove to the consular authorities why he/she is willing to enter the U.S. However, a visa invitation letter might sometimes involve many legal niceties which could require the help of professionals and or Experts. Listed below are a few commonly asked questions regarding visa invitation letter that have been answered by Experts.

If someone wants to invite relatives to the U.S., if the relatives can support their stay, how would one convince the authorities with a written visa invitation letter?

If the relatives can provide evidence of their financial status which proves that they are capable of supporting themselves while in the U.S., it is not essential that anyone provide support to them. However, you may bolster the invitation letter by mentioning that even though they are financially self-sufficient to take care of themselves, you would make necessary arrangements for their accommodation and plan their trips for whatever tourist places they might wish to visit..

If an Indonesian citizen with strong ties to their home country wants to get a visa for vacation in the U.S, will it help if an invitation letter is sent from a friend in the U.S.?

Every foreigner willing to enter the U.S. should be able to show some valid reason for doing so and the intent to return home. They should have strong ties to their home country. They must also show that they have a good permanent job, property not easily sold, and close family members at home. A letter of invitation might be helpful in some cases to navigate such issues by demonstrating why he/she is coming and how he/she will sustain during the period of stay, that they would not have to pay for their lodging etc. Vacation for a few weeks can be considered a valid ground with the purchase of a round trip ticket adding to the chance of being granted a visa.

How should a permanent green card holder write an invitation letter while inviting a Nigerian friend to stay with him/her for two weeks?

First of all the friend must be able to satisfy the U.S. consulate authorities that he/she has close family ties at home, a good job with a company, and enough property that he/she would not wish to abandon. While a letter of invitation is not central to getting a visa application granted it might act as a catalyst to the approval of the tourist visa and better the chances. The letter of invitation has to be addressed to the U.S. consulate with the name and address of the inviter along with the itinerary, a time frame for the trip and any special event or events that the inviter and invitee wish to partake in.

My friend in the U.S. wants me to visit him there. Should I make the appointment before or after he sends me the invitation letter?

It is advisable not to attach too much importance to the invitation letter. You have to apply yourself for the visa while you may attach the invitation letter with the application or might choose to take it to the interview. The key part is that you have to show some valid reason for entering the U.S. and the intent to return home. You must prove to the consulate authorities that your intention is not to overstay as an illegal migrant. Strong ties to your home country are essential. A good permanent job, property not easily sold and close family members at home are usually considered as strong ties. A letter of invitation does come in handy in some cases but is not a guarantee.

How should I write an invitation letter to bring my friend into the U.S. to help me as a caretaker? I will provide him accommodation along with weekly wage.

It is illegal to enter the U.S. to work without a work visa and unfortunately there is no provision for work visa for a caretaker. You have to sponsor him for a permanent resident visa but for that it might take 8 -10 years to obtain a visa number. During that waiting period the person cannot enter the U.S. either as a visitor or temporary worker since it is presumed that their intention would be to immigrate.

Entering the U.S. sometimes becomes a difficult proposition for the intending visitor since over the years the immigration laws have become stricter. While a letter of invitation does sometimes help in addressing the problems it is certainly not a sure shot to overcome all the hurdles. An Expert might be helpful in navigating some of the legal tangles that might crop up while negotiating with the consular authorities.
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