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Violent Crime Related Questions

What is a violent crime?

A violent crime is also known as a crime of violence. It is physical harm that is inflicted purposefully on a person by another. Depending on what is taking place, the violence itself can be considered the crime, such as assault. In other cases, the violence can be used to carry out another crime, such as robbery or kidnapping. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) considers four criminal acts to be violent crimes. These four acts are: aggravated assault, robbery, forcible rape, and murder. Violent crimes can cause very serious consequences for individuals. If you are seeking answers to questions dealing with violent crimes committed by juveniles, or the types of violent crimes, contact the Experts.

If a person was victim in a violent crime, suffers from mental issues because of it, and gets arrested, what can be done to get the person out of prison?

Depending on the situation, there are a couple things that can be done. If the person is arrested in the same county that the violent crime took place, and it was reported, the prosecutor’s office should be aware of the person’s history. If they do know the person’s history, then they should be more willing to make certain exceptions so the person can get the medical help that they need.

If a person suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder because of a violent crime, and the state’s Victim’s Services will not pay for the medication anymore, what are some things that can be done so the medication will be affordable?

In this situation, some things that can be done rely on the person and their injuries. The person may qualify for Medicare. The person would need to have a doctor certify the disabilities that the person has as a result of the violent crime. The person would then be able to fill out the forms online and wait to see if they will be approved. If they are approved, Medicare should pay for the medication needed as a result of the violent crime that left the person damaged. If needed, one could hire some sort of attorney to help with the case and possibly change that certain state’s Victim’s Services’ decision about paying for the medication that is needed.

If a victim of a violent crime does not have the full identification of their assailant, what are some things that the victim can do to protect themselves from further violent crimes from the assailant?

Before anything can really be done in order for the person to protect themselves, they need to find the real identification of their assailant. Without the proper identification, it will be impossible for the person to put a restraining order against them. It will also prevent the police from arresting the assailant and providing protection for the victim. The proper identification is the key thing that is needed in order to take any kind of legal action that the victim wants to take.

If a person charged with violent crime was misrepresented in court, is there any way that the person could get an appeal?

If a person feels like they have been misrepresented and unfairly treated in a trial by their attorney, there are a few things that can be done. If they were in fact misrepresented, then the ineffective assistance of counsel is a good enough reason to appeal a criminal conviction. An appeals (post-conviction) attorney would be a good thing to have in this situation. One would need them to go through all the files and information about the case and see if there could be any sort of discrepancies that may have changed the verdict in any way. Prevailing in an appeal mostly depends on the actions and success of the attorney hired and how well they defended their client.

Violent crimes are very dangerous situations to be in. There are many different ways that the four types of violent crimes could be carried out. It can prove to be a difficult situation when a person tries to protect themselves against violent crimes or just one person that may have already carried out a violent crime against that person. One never knows when they might find themselves involved with a violent crime, and they will most likely be presented with many different kinds of questions about the type of violent crime that they may have been victim to or maybe even just witnessed. Finding answers about violent crimes always proves to be useful, as the information given can be very helpful for certain people. Remember to ask the Experts when any questions arise about violent crimes or anything else.
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