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Workplace Violence Questions

Many of the legal questions in the workplace that arise many times pertain to workplace violence. They can range from what is workplace violence, lateral violence in the workplace, and types of workplace violence. Listed below are five of the top workplace violence questions that have been answered by the Experts.

What is workplace violence?

Workplace violence is known as hostility, physical attack, or aggressive manor that happens at the job setting and makes physical or emotional damage to the supervisors, clientele, and colleagues.

How does an employee report workplace violence, harassment, and intimidation?

If workplace violence occurred then the party that it was directed towards can file a police statement and press charges towards the individual that did it. Considering to harassment and threats, this depends on the size of the company or how many employees the company has. The individual that was frightened or threatened needs to file a lawsuit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) towards the company, as long as there are a minimum of fifteen workers.

If someone received a corrective action letter titled workplace violence from their employer, and the employee could prove the accusations are false, can the employee seek legal help to prove defamation of character since the accusations are affecting the employees job?

The individual could discuss this with a legal representative about taking legal action against people for defamation. It is against the law to tell false accusations to attempt to destroy the individual’s professional and private life. Workplace violence is not always physical many times it is mental.

If one employee touched another employee inappropriately, if charges were filed, is the employer obligated to fire the accused employee?

The employer should investigate the situation and resolve it. Many times employers will suspend the accused employee until an investigation is complete. The employer is not obligated to fire the accused employee; however they are obligated to keep their employees safe from workplace violence.

Does allegations of violence in the workplace have to come from a fellow employee, or can it come from someone who is visiting the place of employment?

A charge of workplace violence may come from any person regardless of whether they actually work in the same place. Workplace violence does not always happen from employee to employee, or employer to employee. Many times it can come from outside vendors, visitors, as well as the general public bringing violence into a place of business.

Holding a job is tough enough in today’s society. Many times workplace violence can cause a person to have many questions regarding their rights for not only employees but also as an employer. Questions regarding; what are workplace violence policies, preventing workplace violence, and how to prevent workplace violence often come up. The Experts can help with any question fast and effectively.
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