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Video Recorder Related Questions

Do you want to know how to connect the three cables of a DVD video recorder to an LG TV? Or, do you want to know more about video recorder problems? There can be several types of video recorders and in today’s age many people have moved on to digital video recorders since they are less bulky, more durable and provide more storage. Sometimes, these recorders face different problems such as picture and connection issues that need troubleshooting. This is where verified electronic Experts online can be of help by providing answers and diagnostic assistance when needed.

Read below where Experts have answered a few questions related to video recorders.

Why is there no picture only sound on the Sharp TV which is connected to a Toshiba video recorder?

The Toshiba video recorder cannot receive signal to record directly from the TV. To record video signals, there needs to be a cable or satellite box which is connected using RCA cables. The RCA cable’s red, yellow and white connections from the cable box need to connect to the video recorder for it to be able to record.

Why is the video recorder that was recording analog channels, no longer able to record once a digital box was added?

When the video recorder was recording from the tuner prior to the digital converter, it was being done on a particular channel. Now with the digital converter, the channels are probably wrong and therefore, one needs to check the other channels to avoid recording snow or no picture. Additionally, you would also need to have the coaxial cable connected from the converter to the video recorder cable input for it to work. It is important that one is able to see the converter on the TV through the recorder. This implies the TV need not to be switched to stop the playback as it goes directly to the converter. Both the TV and converter need to be set at the same coaxial channel (3, 4 or Input 1) and should not be modified at all. After this, one can change the channels on the converter while the video recorder remote can be used to play/record without the need to change channels that inputs the converter.

How are the three cables of a DVD video recorder connected to a LG TV?

The yellow wire from the DVD video recorder should be connected into the green jack behind the TV. The red from the video recorder goes into the red of the TV and similarly the white connects to the white. After these wires are connected the ‘AV IN’ on the input source list of TV should be selected by pressing the input button on the TV remote. This will allow the video recorder’s picture to appear on the TV.

How can a video recorder help troubleshoot a TV which has display but no sound?

A video recorder can help rule out whether the sound problem lies with the TV or it is related to any of the devices which could be connected to the TV. Connecting a video recorder or a DVD player will help check whether sound works on the input used for other devices or if it doesn’t. Based on this, one can troubleshoot and diagnose the problem accurately.

Since the DVD video recorder has the option 480p or 1080p, does adjusting it make a difference?

Though the video recorder has the 480 or 1080 option, it is only capable of recording the signal it is provided with. It will not be able to convert upwards, this means it cannot convert a lower signal to one of a higher resolution. Typically, the composite and S-video inputs are standard definition and only capable of 480 configuration, and subsequently that is what gets recorded by the video recorder as well. Therefore, the picture will not be of the same quality as viewing it live directly over the HDMI signal from the satellite box. If the signal sent to the recorder is limited due to the low resolution of the AV cables, the same is recorded by the video recorder.

The video recorder is a useful device which has diverse features and can perform various functions. Usually, minor issues with these recorders can be handled through simple troubleshooting techniques, tips or resets. However, when faced with more complicated video recorder problems and questions, there may be a need for a step-by-step approach or a trial and error method. This is where an electronic Expert’s input can be useful to arrive at answers or solutions, quickly and affordably. 

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