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Veterans Benefits

What are Veterans Benefits?

What are Veterans Benefits? Combat troops and military workers serving the U.S become veterans upon release from service. Once relieved of duty, the individual is qualified for a veteran's benefit package. These entitlements were agreed upon prior to the service member enlisting. Veterans have received medical benefits as far back as the revolutionary war. These benefits are always being improved upon as the needs of the returning soldiers change. Read below where Experts have answered many of the most common questions concerning Veteran Benefits.

If an elderly woman receives veteran’s benefits from her deceased husband and her daughter was a veteran, is she entitled to legal representation by a veterans' legal service type program?

There is no set rule that someone with a husband and child in the military would receive legal representation through the veteran’s legal service. However, the individual could get in contact with the bureau below to see if they could help the individual in representation or could point them in a direction of someone that can in their area.

PO Box65762
Washington, DC 20035

If a divorcee of a Korean War veteran had gotten a divorce in 1957, are they eligible for va benefits once the ex spouse passes away?

More than likely, there are no Veteran's benefits that survive the divorce unless the divorce court awards them. However, if the divorce was in 1957, more than likely the divorce court did not award any benefits because the law that allows the divorce court to grant benefits was not enacted until the 1980's.

Can a parent be awarded Veterans Benefits if one of their children is a War Veteran and receives Veteran Benefits?

There are no VA benefits that will extend from child to parent. However, there are benefits that can go from a parent to a child...for example a child of a Vet can sometimes qualify for benefits based on the parents service. But it does not work the other way around.

If someone is divorced from a deceased retired Army veteran do they qualify for veteran benefits?

Any time a marriage to a Veteran ends in divorce that eliminates any spouse from veteran benefits. However, widows from deceased veterans may qualify for veteran benefits.

When do education benefits for a veteran spouse begin?

Under Title 38, Chapter 35- the spouse benefits runs 10 years, basically 10 years from the day of the marriage (if the vet was already entitled to Ch 35 benefits) OR from the day the vet became entitled to Ch 35 benefits (when the vet was rated 100% disabled).

Veteran benefits are in place to help provide financial assistance to the family as well as the actual veteran. However, veteran benefits vary from each person as well as each situation. If someone has questions, regarding veterans benefits such as: what are disabled veteran benefits, can someone receive veteran spouse benefits, and is there war veteran’s benefits. They can ask Experts to have better understanding.
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