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Ventilation System Related Questions

Ventilation is the process of circulation of air in a particular space to provide good indoor air quality. Good air quality refers to optimum temperature control, infusion of oxygen, elimination of harmful bacteria, dust, smoke, carbon dioxide and moisture. Ventilation also helps to clear out unpleasant smell and can prevent stagnation of air. Ventilation can be mechanical or forced. Usually kitchens and bathrooms have this type of an installation. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on ventilation system.

How can I disassemble a Dacor raised ventilation system so that it can be cleaned?

First check if there is any signal or symbol stating “clean filter” being illuminated. If it is not illuminated it is not necessary to clean the vent. This is because the vent needs cleaning usually after 40 hours of blowing time has been completed.

What could have gone wrong when an individual removed and reinstalled a Dacor Pinnacle raised ventilation system and the system is no longer working?

The individual could try resetting the system by flipping the breaker off for 60 seconds. Next, recheck the wiring which has been reinstalled. If the wiring is correct, the control board could have become defective as they are commonly known to fail often. The control board is located behind a four inch by six inch sheet metal acres cover at the bottom right hand corner of the vent. This part costs approximately $150.

My Thermador downdraft ventilation system is not returning to its hidden position and is stuck three or four inches above the counter. How do I get it to move again?

Typically the vents get jammed if the system has jumped a track where it has moved over the wheel that rotates it instead of being under it. This would have caused it to get wedged in and you may need to disassemble and dismount the motor to release this. Some of the parts may get damaged when this occurs, and it will need to be replaced. To perform these actions may be tough for an inexperienced person unless you are mechanically inclined. The other option would be to hire the services of a professional to repair this for you.

My Kitchenaid downdraft vent system is stuck around one inch above the cooktop. Though the fan is operating, the button switch is not moving. How can I fix this?

First the individual will need to check to see if the blower is operating without being up. Next check the motor or gear box for any wear and tear. Prior to doing this, ensure the filters are in and locked in position. They usually have switches behind them. Remove the screws which hold the blower and venting. This helps in giving you access to the lift motor. In case the gears have slip it will touch the blower switch. Also check that the actuator has not slipped. Ideally removing the whole unit will be the best way to tackle this problem and replace the lift motor.

What can an individual do if they were cleaning the filters and grills on a Dacor Pinnacle raised ventilation system, and the grill fell down the back?

To be able to access the grill which has fallen inside the downdraft vent, you may need to dismantle the complete downdraft. To remove this on your own, you will need to disconnect the blower motor and vent hose which is located below the cooktop and attached to the downdraft. Next step would be to remove the front panel of the downdraft. If you are unable to do this or not comfortable doing so, you may need to call an authorized service person in your area.

Ventilation is not something we give much thought to in our day to day activities. It comes into the forefront when issues crop up due to improper ventilation. Sometimes ventilation system problems can cause serious hazards as well as big hassles and difficulties in the efficient functioning of the appliance it is attached to. Minor problems with your ventilation system can be addressed by you. In terms of installation or cleaning of grills can also be sorted by you with the help, information and answers from Experts.
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