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Vented Dryer Related Questions

What is a vented dryer?

Vented dryers are clothes dryers which usually have a vent attached to eliminate the hot, humid air from the dryer. These vents act as exhausts for the dryers allowing more dry air circulation within the dryer to continue the drying process. There are innovative methods which can recycle the resultant hot air for home heating purposes but this is not usually practiced since indoor venting may result in excess humidity in the air and encourage mold. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on vented dryers.

Why does my Hotpoint Aquarius vented dryer run for ten minutes and go off?

This is most likely due to the motor overheating. If you wait for some time and it starts again it is probably because the motor has cooled down but this problem will recur if you do not find the root cause. Try using the dryer without the vent to rule out a clogged vent. If the vent is clear it is probably a defective motor which will need to be replaced.

My Bosch vented dryer has started to make too much noise while running including a grinding noise. What are the parts which can cause this type of problem? Can I do it myself?

To troubleshoot your vented dryer, it is better to have the top lid removed. You can do so by removing the four screws and the lid should slide out. Next, switch on the dryer and observe, listen to determine where the noise is originating from. Typically this type of noise is caused or occurs from the rear bearing, pulley, support or drum support. To access these parts the drum will need to be removed. To remove the drum, disconnect the front control panel and remove the mounting screws attached to the front panel. Once the panel is off, you can reach inside and remove the belt. The drum can then be lifted out through the front of the dryer. This is repair manageable by a handy person and will most probably take an hour to repair.

My Bosch electric vented dryer works fine but why is it only blowing cold air?

First you need to ensure you are receiving 240 volts electricity to your machine. If this is confirmed, remove the back panel of the dryer. The middle, right side has a high limit thermostat which can be reset. This thermostat is usually one inch in width and one inch in length with a small red button on it. To reset the thermostat, push this red button hard till you hear it click and it has tripped. If this does not resolve your problem, your heating element may be defective and you probably need to replace it. The heating elements available in the market currently come as part of a kit which also has a thermostat, fuses and high limits.

My Bosch WTA 3500 is not starting after I shifted it during renovation. I can hear a faint noise of a motor but nothing works on the program selection. What is wrong with it and is it easy to fix?

It should be noted while moving such appliances, you should be careful to move it upright and with minimum rough handling. In your case, while moving the machine, it could have probably been tipped on its back or side leading to this type of a problem. The problem itself could be related either to the door latch assembly or the button for the belt tension sensor. The machine could be registering that the belt has become loose. To check remove the back cover off the machine and inspect the area near the motor. You should be able to find a push button by the belt which will need to be reset. This is not a major problem and can be fixed or repaired quite easily.

My Miele vented dryer stopped working and makes a humming noise when I push the start button with the selected program. The drum does not turn either. What is the problem?

Based on the details of your problem it is most likely a case of a malfunctioning motor. Try using a pen and insert it into the slot where the pin of the door enters to activate the door switch. Next, press the start button and manually try to rotate the drum and it would probably start turning. If this occurs either the motor run winding or the capacitor has failed. The resolution for both the problems is that the motor needs to be replaced. Motor replacement is a big job and could cost over $450 inclusive of parts and labor. It is better attempted by an experienced professional.

Vented dryers are quite useful and easy to use. You can troubleshoot them easily as well since the vent can be disconnected. Their problems largely deal with control panels, clogged vents, drums and motors. Accurate power supply and output also play an important role. You can locate the problem and address it if you follow an elimination process of testing the main possible contributors to the problem. Experts are the tools to guide you through this process in an effective and simple manner.
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