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Vendor Management Questions

What is vendor management?

Vendor management is a system that enables organizations to control their costs, drive service excellence and relieve risks to gain leveled value from their vendor throughout the span of their agreement with the vendor. Read below to find Expert answers relating to vendor management questions.

In the state of Tennessee, how would a salon go about telling a vendor that they are not allowed on the property before the salon resorts to filing a restraining order?

In the state of Tennessee, if the salon knows the address of the former vendor then they can send the vendor a demand letter telling him/her that they are no longer allowed on the property of the salon and if they do come on the property, then the cops will be called, other legal action will be pursued, and a restraining order filed. Send this letter by certified mail and return receipt as well.

Is it okay for a vendor to cut relationships with a retail business for no other reason than the fact that they do not like the retail business owners?

If the vendor and the company have a contract, then the company may be able to sue for breach of the implied covenant of good faith. Show the vendor tried, in a continuous manner, to deprive the company of the benefit of the bargain that the contract covers. If there was no contract, the company would need to prove that an implied agreement existed, and then prove that a breach of the implied contract, although without something in writing, it may be very hard to prove.

What can a person do that is being sued by a vendor, but does not personally owe debt due to the company?

If the person is being sued personally by the vendor then the person can answer the law suit with a denial of liability. The person will need to deny that they owe the debt and show that if there is a liability that is owed, the corporation owes the liability and not the person personally. The person would need to ask that the complaint be dismissed and if the person succeeds then the action will be dismissed and the vendor will have to re-file against the company.

If an individual has an account with a vendor, is the vendor required follow the instructions given by the individual regarding payments on an invoice?

If the vendor is not applying the payments as the company directs, then the company may have a dispute with the vendor since the vendor is suppose to apply the payments as they are instructed. The vendor however, can refuse to send new merchandise without pre-payment, which is most likely the reason that the vendor may be applying the payments to new orders instead of where the company directs them to. The company may need to contact the vendor and discuss them giving credit for the interest and late charges and the company may need to repay all of its new orders separately, since the vendor does not have to extend any new credit till the past due orders are paid in full.

Vendor management is a way for companies to manage and keep track of their dealings with vendors as well as a way for the vendors to protect themselves. When an issue arises that the company/vendor has questions or concerns regarding vendor management, then they may want to get answers from an Expert. Vendor management can be very confusing, but in the end is potentially a good way for the expenses and services of a vendor to be monitored.
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