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Vending Machine Problems

What is a vending machine?

A vending machine is a machine which distributes items such as snacks, cans, colas, beverages, alcohol, cigarettes and consumer products automatically to the operator of the machine once they insert currency or credit in the prescribed slot on the machine. The home variety vending machines are usually for beverages and in most cases they are controlled or dispense their contents through the operation of buttons or levers. These home vending machines will not need currency. Read below where thousands of Experts have answered many questions regarding common vending machine problems.

How would an individual adjust the temperature on an Antares Combo vending machine?

Check the back of the vending machine down at the opening of the thermostat. You should find a dial which needs to be turned with a screw driver to control the temperature (increase or decrease). If this does not help there could be leaks and you will need to check the door seal to make sure it is sealing properly. Also have you unit checked for a Freon leak by an authorized personnel.

Why is a Maytag Skybox vending machine not cooling beverages sufficiently?

Insufficient cooling can be a result of either two problems. One being the unit is not defrosting and the other being it is low on charge. Another possibility could be a failed thermostat but it is less likely. To test if the issue with the defrost cycle, empty the machine and let it remain open and turned off overnight. This process should manually defrost the inner coils. After this turn it back on to check if it reaches the desired temperature. If it works, the problem is with the defrost cycle. If it does not, then you will need to engage the services of a technician to check the system pressure. They can repair any leak in the sealed system and recharge the unit for approximately $150.

What can an individual do if their personal beverage vending machine seemed to be jammed and the individual cannot locate where the blockage is coming from?

If you are unable to locate or see any jam in the ejection chute or exit, you would need to look for a switch in the chute. This switch communicates with the machine control that a can has been dispensed into the chute. Most likely when this switch gets stuck, it would be signaling to the unit there is an obstruction or jam.

If a Frigidaire vending machine has a lot of rust on the steel coils can an individual use copper coils or what parts need to be replaced when the machine has a warm compressor?

Seems like you have two problems, first the compressor is operating but not cooling. The refrigerant in the sealed system may be lost. The second issue is the rust which signifies the evaporator or cold coil needs to be replaced. Once you replace the coils, the system would need to be recharged. Usually using copper evaporators can lead to a greenish sticky residue on reaction with the refrigerant. Normally aluminum is the metal used. A service technician should handle this job and he will also be able to source the parts needed for your system.

Why won’t a Maytag Skybox vending machine dispense cans, and all the buttons are flashing?

Usually when the flapper door is not closed completely until the bottom at the place where the cans exit, this issue can occur. Another cause is if one of the cans get stuck obstructing the path for the others. Another possibility could be if the flapper door sensor becomes defective it will not sense the magnet thereby preventing the cans from being dispensed.

As seen above, vending machines are unique to primarily dispensing any products placed within them. When these machines are used for beverages there is generally a cooling system which is the root cause for various vending machine problems. Since vending machines may more often be located in commercial settings or bigger in size, you may be daunted to try and resolve the problem on your own. Whether it is installed in a household or a commercial establishment, consulting Experts will help you understand the issue and subsequently allow you an opportunity to fix it yourself, if you are comfortable to do so, or contact a serviceman at the right time.
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