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Vehicle Accident Law

Vehicle accident laws help individuals figure out what legal action they may have to take if they have been involved in a motor vehicle accident. It is important for people to be aware of the vehicle accident laws if they own a motor vehicle in the United States. The vehicle accident laws may be different for different parts of the United States. Given below are common vehicle accident law questions that are asked by individuals.

Who should an individual sue in a motor vehicle accident if nobody claims liability to the damages caused in the accident?

According to vehicle accident laws, an individual may sue the driver of the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle if nobody claims damages caused in the vehicle accident. This individual in many cases will not be allowed to sue the insurance company as it is just a third party in the case.

Would an individual be held responsible if the vehicle behind him/her met with an accident when he/she changed lanes?

In most situations, an individual may not be held responsible if the vehicle behind him/her met with an accident when he/she changed lanes if his/her vehicle did not come into physical contact with the vehicle that met with the accident.

Would it be considered illegal to stop at a green light in Georgia?

According to the vehicle accident laws of Georgia, in many cases it would not be considered illegal to stop at a green light.

Who would be considered responsible in an accident involving an illegally parked vehicle?

The moving vehicle would normally be considered responsible for an accident in most situations, even if the other vehicle involved in the accident was parked illegally.

How can an individual file a vehicle accident claim if the driver of the vehicle is not the policy holder?

In order to file an accident claim, the individual may first report the accident to the police. Then he/she may contact the insurance company and file a claim for property damage. Though an at fault driver is not listed on the insurance policy, the company may have to pay for the damages unless the driver was listed as an excluded driver on the policy. If the insurance company refuses to pay for the damages, the individual may file a lawsuit against the driver and the owner of the vehicle.

According to vehicle accident laws, what is the penalty for not providing insurance policy information after a vehicle accident?

As per the law, an individual may be fined for an amount of $140 if this individual does not provide their insurance policy information after a vehicle accident. However, no points may be added to this individual driving license.

How can an individual appeal a false “failure to maintain control of vehicle” citation after an accident?

If an individual wants to defend a “failure to maintain control of vehicle” citation after an accident, they can write not guilty in the area to fill a plea on the traffic ticket and request for a court hearing. At the hearing, they can also inform the judge about their current situation and tell the judge that their vehicle skidded when changing lanes causing the accident. The individual may also state that they were in complete control of the vehicle before the accident and was not under the influence of alcohol. This individual can also explain the reason as to why their vehicle skidded causing the accident.

It may not be easy for you to find out about vehicle accident laws and look for more information on them on your own. Sometimes, depending on your situation, you may also have questions regarding the various vehicle accident laws. You can ask an Expert if you do not understand any aspect of the vehicle accident laws.
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