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Questions about Vasovagal Responses

What is vasovagal response?

When a person has a fainting type response, then the person is having a vasovagal response. In most cases a vasovagal response causes the person to faint or loose consciousness for a brief moment of time for certain reasons or even for reasons unknown. When a person has a vasovagal response episode, then the person may have questions regarding what a vasovagal response is, how to treat it, or even if there is a indication of a more serious issue. Below are some questions about vasovagal response that are answered by an Expert.

If a person has hypoglycemia and has episodes of vasovagal response, why would the person be fainting and what should be done?

When a person has reactive hypoglycemia, then there may be a chance that the person may have episodes of vasovagal response. When the person eats too much sugar or the blood sugar is raised at a rapid rate, then the person may have a fainting episode or vasovagal response to the rapid raising of the blood sugar. If the person is having vasovagal response episodes from the hypoglycemia, then the person may want to talk to their doctor about taking a three hour blood glucose test to see if the blood sugar levels are where they should be.

What are some causes for a young person to have a vasovagal response?

When a young person is suffering from low blood pressure or they are having a reaction to a certain odor, then the young person may have issues with vasovagal response. Vasovagal response in a young person may pass out or faint from the low blood pressure or in response to a bad reaction to certain odors or environmental triggers. In some young people, the act of vomiting may cause a vasovagal response. The young person may want to have an examination done by the primary care doctor to find the cause for the vasovagal response.

How can hitting a person’s elbow cause a vasovagal response?

In some cases, when a person hits their elbow really hard and the pain from hitting the elbow radiates to the brain or through the nervous system, this may cause the nervous system to send a signal through the body and trigger a fainting spell or vasovagal response. In some cases, when the signal from the nervous system radiates throughout he body, then the person’s blood pressure may drop suddenly and the person may faint.

If a person has been having episodes of their blood pressure dropping suddenly and the person fainting, what can this be and what test should be done?

If a person has been having issues with their heart rate dropping suddenly, then there may be a chance that the person may have fainting spells or vasovagal response. The nerves in the body may respond to the sudden blood pressure drop and cause the person to faint or to have a vasovagal response. The person may want to have the doctor run test on the heart to make sure there are no major issues that are causing the blood pressure to drop suddenly therefore causing the vasovagal response.

Vasovagal response or fainting may be a cause for concern in some people. When a person has an episode of vasovagal response, then the person may have questions regarding what could cause this, how the vasovagal response can be treated, or even if there is a way to prevent vasovagal response in some people. When a person is in need of answers to these questions or any questions regarding vasovagal response, then the person may want to ask an Expert.

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