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Vasodilators Medication

Vasodilators are drugs that may be used to treat many different types of conditions. This medication mainly helps dilate blood vessels in the body and works on the muscles in the arterial walls. This often prevents the muscles from tightening. As a result, the blood flows easier through the arteries and the heart does not have to pump the blood as hard, thereby controlling the person’s blood pressure. When individuals are in need of vasodilators, many questions can arise about side effects, complications and dosage. Read below where some of the commonly asked questions about vasodilators have been answered by Experts.

Can vasodilators be used to treat an individual suffering from pulmonary edema due to CHF?

Vasodilators may often be used along with diuretics in order to treat an individual with severe pulmonary edema that may be caused by CHF (congestive heart failure), if the patient does not have low blood pressure. The vasodilators may often help open the blood vessels and reduce the symptoms of edema. However, this medication many not help directly in the fluid drainage. That is why one must use diuretics along with this mediation.

Can an individual that has had bypass surgery and has veins that are reduced in size use vasodilators?

Vasodilators may not help in increasing the size of the veins especially in places where they were removed. The other veins in the individual’s body may be compensating for the removed and affected veins if there is no swelling. Exercising may often help the existing veins to work better.

How can mitral regurgitation be treated?

The treatment of mitral regurgitation may depend on the type and severity of the condition. The chronic compensated type -- where there are no symptoms of cardiac failure or exercise intolerance -- may be treated with the help of vasodilator drugs. These types of medications can help to reduce the work load on the heart and may even prevent heart failure.

How dangerous is a small diastolic dysfunction and how can it be treated?

A small diastolic dysfunction may not be very dangerous and may only be seen in individuals who suffer from long term high blood pressure. This can be treated with the help of medications for blood pressure, water pull or diuretics, and vasodilators.

How can diseased heart valves be treated without surgery?

Besides surgery, there usually are two options to treat diseased heart valves. They are: • Beta blockers like digoxin and calcium channel blockers. These help to reduce the symptoms of the diseased heart valves. • Vasodilators that help to relax the blood vessels and decrease the force against which the heart has to pump blood.

Is Lexiscan nuclear stress test a safe test to take?

Doctors often consider the lexiscan nuclear stress test to be safe. It is a vasodilator that often stimulates the exercise stress test. It may also be very helpful in detecting a heart disease, especially if the patient has a left bundle branch block that is shown in the EKG (electrocardiogram).

Is it normal for an individual’s heart to start beating fast after taking vasodilators like Viagra?

An individual’s heart rate may often increase on taking vasodilators such as Viagra, especially if the individual suffers from a side effect of this medication. This can be caused because the dilated blood vessels may cause the individual’s blood pressure to drop making the heart beat faster. The heart rate may also increase if the individual takes any alpha blockers or drinks alcohol when taking the vasodilators.

What can a type II diabetic with erectile dysfunction do?

A type II diabetic who is suffering from erectile dysfunction should get their testosterone, thyroid and prolactic levels checked. The individual can consult an urologist who may prescribe Bimix or Trimix injections in order to treat this condition. Bimix and Trimix injections are vasodilators that can help treat erectile dysfunction. The individual may also be able to try testosterone gels or injections before sexual activity. In some cases, it may be helpful to take a 5 milligram dose of Cialis. Though vasodilators help in the treatment of various conditions, individuals must be careful when taking these medications. It may not be advisable for individuals to take these medications under certain circumstances. Taking the vasodilators without proper information can lead to different types of complications. That is why it is important to have as much knowledge about the dosage and the side effects of these medications as possible. You may contact an Expert and ask any specific questions you have in order to get as much information about vasodilators as you need.
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