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GMC Vandura Questions

Need to know how to remove the wiper motor from a GMC Vandura? Or wonder iIs it safe to use aftermarket GMC Vandura parts? What are the solutions to common GMC Vandura starting problems? GMC Vandura owners are often faced with all kinds of repair and maintenance issues. Knowing how to deal with them ensures that the right repairs are done. The guidance and insights of Experts will give them the information they need. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding the GMC Vandura.

What prevents the engine on a GMC Vandura from starting unless the gas pedal is pumped but the engine dies after 30 seconds?

The symptoms indicate a failed or failing fuel pressure regulator. To replace it the follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  • Release fuel system pressure.
  • Disconnect the ignition coil.
  • Remove the manifold plenum.
  • Disconnect the vacuum line to the regulator.
  • Remove the snap ring on the regulator housing.
  • After putting a cloth in place to catch any spilling fuel, remove pressure regulator from the fuel socket.
  • Remove the pressure regulator from the fuel rail.
  • Remove the pressure regulator O ring filter, O ring backup and O ring. Refer the diagram below.
    Pressure regulator O ring filter
  • Discard the removed parts.
  • Lubricate the new O rings with fresh engine oil and install them on the regulator as a single assembly.
  • Install the snap ring retainer into the slot on the housing. It is important that the retainer be correctly seated. Pull on the regulator to check this.
  • Connect the vacuum line to the regulator.
  • Reconnect the negative battery cable.
  • Turn the ignition to the On position for 2 seconds and turn it OFF. After waiting 10 seconds, turn it to ON again and check for any leaks.
  • The manifold plenum can now be installed to complete the job.

What will cause the brake warning light on a 1990 GMC Vandura to come on sporadically causing the speedometer and gauges to fluctuate?

The common factor among the brake warning light and the gauges is the instrument cluster assembly. The cluster will need to be removed and the harness connector checked for loose connections. The wires will also need to be checked for chafing, damage and breaks and any damage repaired. If the harness connector and wires are okay, then the problem will likely be with the printed circuit board at the rear of the cluster assembly.

What would cause a 350 TBI GMC Vandura engine to start only when it’s cold or by manually squirting gas into the engine and dies once the it warms up?

This indicates fuel is not being delivered to the cylinders, meaning the injectors that atomize the fuel are not functioning properly. Typically, this is due to a defective ignition control module in the distributor. This module controls the operation of the fuel injectors and it has probably failed. It will need to be replaced. The module is screwed into place under the rotor area on the side of the distributor cap. Many auto parts stores will be able to test it if it is taken to them.

How to remove the windshield wiper motor from a 1994 GMC Vandura G2500?

To remove the wiper motor:

  • Ensure that the wiper motor is in PARK position and the wiper arms are in the normal OFF position.
  • Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery terminal.
  • Remove the exposed screws of the cowl cover.
  • The wiper arms should now be removed. This is done by pulling the arms away from the windshield to release the clips underneath that hold them in place. The arms are splined to the shaft and may be pulled off.
  • Remove the remaining screws securing the cowl and lift it off.
  • Locate the nuts holding the transmission linkage to the wiper arms and loosen them.
  • Disconnect the power feed to the wiper arm at the connector located next to the radio.
  • The flex hose from the left defroster outlet has to be removed to access the wiper motor screws.
  • Remove the one screw holding the left side heater duct to the engine shroud and push the heater duct down out of the way.
  • Remove the windshield washer hoses from the pump.
  • Remove the 3 screws that hold the wiper motor to the cowl and lift the motor out from under the dashboard.

When it comes to GMC Vandura repairs or maintenance issues, many owners are unsure of where to get the information they need to allow them to make the right repair choices. They know the wrong decisions can lead to more problems and escalating costs. That is why obtaining answers and insights from Experts is such a good idea.

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