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Value Added Tax Rule Questions

In many countries around the world, consumers pay a value added tax. This practice is prevalent in countries outside of the United States, such as the European Union. There may be some individuals that have never heard of a value added tax, and if questioned about it would not be able to explain what it is. Below are questions that have been answered by the Experts, in regards to value added tax.

What is a value added tax?

Value added tax is a type of consumption tax. A consumer may see this tax as a tax on the price to purchase a product. The seller of the product may see the tax as a value that has been added to certain products. Value added tax resembles a sales tax in that the consumer in the end is the one that pays the tax. However unlike a sales tax, value added tax is only collected and paid to the government only once, and that is when the consumer purchases the product.

In Miami Florida what percentage is the value added tax?

There is no value added tax for Miami Florida. The United States does not have value added tax, it has only sales tax. Sales tax and value added tax have many and a few similarities, and are not to be considered one and the same thing.

Can a company in the United States, charge value added tax to customers in Mexico if the company has an operation open in Mexico?

Yes it is possible for a company in the United States to charge customers in Mexico value added tax, as long as there is physical presence of the Corporation. Under the Maquiladora Program the Corporate presence is necessary to be able to charge customers with the value added tax. The charge of value added tax must also be listed on the invoice.

If an individual has an internet business are there any taxes that will need to be paid?

If the internet business will be doing any business with customers that are in the European Union, then the business will need to have a value added tax account, which can be obtained from any country of the European Union. This is because the European Union has passed a law in which requires internet companies that may sell to customers in the European Union have a value added tax account. The business, once it has gotten a value added tax account, will also be required to charge value added tax and pay the country from which the value added tax account originated, from the sales made in the European Union. If an internet business is not within compliance then it may find itself charged with tax evasion or fraud.

Value added tax is a variation of a consumption tax. Value added tax has similarities to sales tax, along with several differences. Any questions that may arise regarding value added taxes can be asked of the thousands Experts.
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