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Valium Medication Questions

What is Valium as well as the side effects?

Valium is a drug known as diazepam used to treat many different conditions including panic attacks, insomnia, seizures, anxiety, Restless Leg Syndrome (RSL), muscle spasms, withdrawal from alcohol.

Valium side effects when taken at high dosage amnesia, sedation, excitement, rage, or seizures that worsen in epileptics. Withdrawal side effects can occur which can include physical and mental withdrawal. This medication is part of the benzodiazepine family and as far as physical withdrawal symptoms go it is the mildest of the family.

Many different types of questions may surround the drug valium. Uncertainties about complications, overdoses, or treatment uses of valium medication can often lead to similar questions much like those answered below by Experts.

Does taking a 10 milligrams of Valium slow down a metabolic rate?

Valium does not directly slow down or increase metabolic rate. If however someone took this medication with consistency, their level of activity can change thus secondarily affecting the metabolic rate. Valium medication often can be used to reduce muscular activity in one that has excess. This in return can lower the rate as the muscular activity becomes out of the excess. Metabolic rate may not be affected at all if an individual does not change their activity level while taking valium.

How much can someone take Valium before it becomes fatal?

Fatality because of an overdose of valium does occur but its occurrence is rare. Often these rare cases of fatality are not because of the drug toxicity but to the sedation effects it carries. This will differ as the effect of sedation so it is difficult to gage how much (too much) will affect any given individual as such. This is why there is not any clear cut dose of valium that is deemed lethal. The sedation effect of valium can cause other issue if the individual is driving, operating machinery, etc. that may cause the individual to lose focus in the sedative mode. Alone valium is considered somewhat safe in overdose situations if nothing else is a factor.

How can valium safely be stopped after a year of use?

A common method to quit taking valium and limit the withdrawal effects would be to reduce the dose gradually. An individual should gradually reduce the amount over the time period of a few months. Typically, the dose should be reduced 10% each reduction. This method is called the Ashton method and is the easiest way to reduce the dose.

How long would valium need to be in the system for it to be detected in military urine drug test?

United States military drug testing doesn’t routinely test for benzodiazepines such as valium. It would typically need to be screened for specifically and in cases of suspicion. Valium has a much longer period of detection than other benzodiazepines. Typically, it can be detected up to ten days after the last dose. If only a single dose was ever taken, this detection period can be lower.

Can 5 milligrams of valium be taken while on suboxone therapy?

Suboxone is a drug often used in association with opiate dependency. It contains both buprenorphine HCL and naloxone HCL. There have been reported cases that the mixture of suboxone and valium can induce coma or even be fatal. The mixture of buprenorphine and benzodiazepines can affect the respiratory system causing respiratory depression.

Being knowledgeable about valium medication can be helpful when dealing with questions about this drug. Experts can help answer if valium has any adverse reactions to other medications or what complications may occur while on this medication. Get the answers you seek by asking an Expert.
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