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Vaginal Mucus Related Questions

Vaginal mucus is a natural occurring substance found in the cervix and vaginal cavity that provides it with the necessary amount of moisture it needs. Many changes in the appearance and consistency of vaginal mucus may take place during a menstrual cycle. As a result, there are many inferences that can be made about a woman’s health based on the color and odor of vaginal mucus. To learn more about vaginal mucus and problems that can be associated with it, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by the Experts.

Is it common to have abnormal vaginal mucus without ovulation?

Excessive vaginal mucus is a problem that is widely seen in women across many age groups. Vaginal mucus may be caused by either an excessive buildup of secretions or possible infections. If the mucus isn't related to an infection, there is generally no foul odor, irritation or itching accompanying it. This condition is known as leucorrhoea and generally appears near ovulation, before menstruation and when one is sexually excited. Hormonal changes may also cause secretion of vaginal mucus.

Vaginal mucus related to an infection may often have a foul odor accompanied by irritation. A condition known as non-specific vaginitis generally occurs in debilitated women, drug users, pregnant and diabetic women. Other infections that can create vaginal mucus are caused by fungus, bacteria or trichomonas.

Typically, poor hygiene makes one susceptible to vaginal infections.

What causes severe vaginal mucus?

Case details: Take vitamin supplements including B complex.

The use of B complex vitamins may increase the amount of vaginal fluid produced in a woman’s body. In several cases, a woman may notice a change in vaginal discharge associated with normal aging as well. In the event the vaginal mucus is age related, Flagyl suppression for 2-3 months may improve symptoms. If Flagyl doesn't improve, studies have shown that a combination of oral decongestants and Claritin may reduce the production of cervical mucus.

What causes vaginal mucus with no smell and pain during intercourse?

Vaginal mucus and pain during intercourse may be symptoms of numerous infections. The most common of these vaginal infections may be caused by yeast, trichomonas or specific bacteria. Yeast infections generally cause white vaginal discharge along with itching instead of pain. A trichomonas infection is usually accompanied by yellow or green vaginal mucus and bacterial vaginosis symptoms include white-gray vaginal mucus. While the color of vaginal mucus may vary between infections, it isn't a foolproof way of identifying the infections. Also, there could be other causes of vaginal mucus such as sensitive reactions to perfumed products which causes the vagina to become inflamed. In this situation, it is advisable to get medically examined to determine the exact cause of the mucus.

What causes white threads in urine?

There may be several reasons why there are white threads in the urine. One is that vaginal mucus may have become mixed in the urine causing a person to think the mucus came from the urine. Another possibility is that there could be an excessive amount of phosphate in the urine causing this appearance. Infection is also a possibility and may or may not involve pain and/or burning. In this scenario, one of the most accurate ways of finding the cause of the white matter is to have a urine test performed.

When a woman experiences excessive or far too little vaginal mucus, many medical and personal questions can arise. In some cases, it may be a symptom of an uncomfortable infection that requires medical treatment right away. If you have any queries or concerns regarding vaginal mucus, ask an Expert now. They can offer medical clarity, insights and information both quickly and at an affordable rate.
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