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Vacuum Cleaner Problems

A vacuum cleaner is a device used to clean dust, dirt and grime usually from floors and other general surfaces such as ceilings, walls, door and window fittings, upholstery, and so on. It contains an air pump which creates a partial vacuum that generates a powerful suction which when directed at dust or grime, causes it to get sucked in and collected in a dust bag. These dust bags can later be accessed and disposed of or replenished. Vacuum cleaners come in various sizes from hand held battery operated models to plug-in domestic central vacuum cleaners. Since this is a regularly used device, wear and tear, suction discrepancies, noise levels, or power issues are some common problems you may face. Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on issues related to vacuum cleaner problems

My Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner stops working every fifteen minutes. Why?

If the vacuum starts after it has cooled off, the problem could be a clogged filter, full bag or canister or the motor giving way and tripping the thermal overload. On checking the possible causes, if the filter is clear, the bag/canister is empty and the hose and air ducting are clear, the problem could be the motor which may need replacing.

My Kenmore Elegance vacuum cleaner is extremely noisy and the suction is weak. Why?

When the bearing in the motor becomes defective, the noise level of the vacuum goes up. This also adversely affects the suction power of the vacuum. In order to repair this, it could cost $200 or more. Hence it would probably be more sensible to purchase a new unit.

I recently purchased a vacuum cleaner which is very heavy. I would like to exchange it for a lighter model now but I threw away the box and packaging. What can I do?

If you return it within 90 days without the packaging you should most likely be given a credit for the purchase of another unit. In some cases, the cash may be returned since you have the receipt. Carry with you all the things which came along with the vacuum cleaner such as the attachments, manual, parts, and so on, present it to customer service at the store and explain the reason. In most cases, you will be allowed to exchange the machine or a refund to buy another unit may be provided.

My Kenmore vacuum cleaner turns on but does not turn off until I unplug it. What is the reason?

This is occurring probably due to a broken latching type of switch. Usually the part costs $30. However, the cost of having it replaced or fixed, factoring in labor costs, is likely to exceed the value of the vacuum (depending on the age and condition). It would probably be easier if you operate it by unplugging the mains. Fiddling with the switch may stop it from coming on the next time.

My Miele vacuum cleaner does not turn on though the bag is empty. Why is this happening?

If a vacuum cleaner does not run, it is most likely an electrical problem. You can test the electrical continuity from the wall point to the motor through a series of logical steps at critical points. First, plug a lamp to the wall. This will confirm if the power from the wall is fine. Next, check if the power is reaching the switch. If not, the cord could be defective. If the power is not going beyond the switch, the switch could be defective. Finally, if the power is present at the motor but it does not run, this could indicate a malfunctioning motor. This is probably the worst case scenario in terms of the problem and cost involved in replacement.

My vacuum cleaner stopped abruptly while I was vacuuming and then came on again. After a while, it went off and did not come on again. Why is this happening?

The on/off switch on the vacuum may need to be replaced. In order to do so, the handle would need to be disassembled. It would be sensible to have a local repair person to do this because dismantling the handle is easy and can be done by you. But reassembling it is tricky and cannot be done easily by an inexperienced person.

Vacuum cleaners can be tricky devices though they may appear simple in appearance. Dismantling them is usually easy but reassembling them can become a challenge. And in doing so, one may expose the mess collected inside the machine, inadvertently multiplying the problems. If you are confident to investigate any vacuum cleaner related issue on your own, it’s sensible to attempt it with the help of information and guidance from Experts.
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