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Dog Vaccine Schedule

What are the core vaccines for dogs?

Vaccines for dogs are used to aid in getting a canine’s immune system prepared to fight disease. Vaccines contain antigens that simulate the disease but don’t actually cause the disease. This is helpful for when a dog were to actually encounter the real disease its body would be prepared to recognize it and fight it.

The core vaccines that the American Animal Hospital Association’s Canine Task Force recognizes are parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies. These are considered vital based on risk of exposure to humans. Dog owners may have concerns when unsure of a good dog vaccine schedule or what vaccines for dogs should be given to their dog. These uncertainties often lead to questions like the ones answered below by Experts.

If a dog is scheduled for DAP, Lepto Vax and Bordetella booster, what is a good dog vaccine schedule to follow and are some of these take care of the same illnesses?

The DAP shot will handle Distemper, Adenovirus, and Parvo viruses. If this shot is due then it is highly recommended that you follow through with the DAP and a rabies shot. Not all canines need to have the Lepto vaccine. It will vary depending on the area in which the canine lives and upon the veterinarian’s recommendation. The Bordetella vaccine is important if your dog is exposed to many other dogs. It is to protect dogs against kennel cough. So if your dog is an inside dog and is not exposed to other dogs then having the Bordetella booster every six months may not be needed. If you are deciding to board your dog then have the vaccine before boarding.

Should a pet owner be concerned if their 5 year old dog was possibly exposed to a dog with distemper? There was no direct contact and the dog in question was vaccinated 36 hours later.

You may not have any concern as your dogs may still have immunity from a vaccination that was more than a year ago. If you had them on a correct dog vaccine schedule for distemper with yearly boosters greatly reduces the risk. The risk is also reduced if your dogs were not in any contact with the infected dog’s saliva or urine.

Does a dog need to see a vet if there is a knot at the injection site after the dog had the Lyme disease and distemper vaccines?

It is not uncommon to see a small lump form at the vaccination site. You should notice that it will reduce over the next few days. If the small lump does not get any better past a week’s time or it is getting worse then you will want to have your vet take a look at it.

Are there 100% effective vaccines for dogs against leishmaniasis? Also how many blood tests and injections does your dog need when having the vaccine?

There are not any vaccines for dogs that protect 100% against any disease. Dogs are like people in which each dog may react differently to a vaccine than another dog. There are though some vaccinations that are more effective than others. The Leshmune vaccine is shown in studies to be 87% more effective to fight leishmaniasis. A blood test will be performed before the vaccine is given to make sure the dog is not positive for leishmaniasis.

Having a good insight along with correct information about a dog vaccine schedule can help when faced with questions about vaccines for dogs. Experts can help answer what vaccines for dogs is or what the core vaccines for dogs is. Get the answers you seek by asking an Expert today.
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