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Dog Vaccination Questions

Every year people make sure that their dogs get their vaccinations. These vaccinations are given to maintain the animal’s immune system. There are many different dog vaccinations; some are mandated by the cities in which an individual lives in, such as the rabies vaccination which is commonly mandated. Are there dog vaccinations side effects? How often should certain dog vaccinations be given? Questions like these have been answered below by the Experts below.

Is elevated temperature a dog vaccination side effect?

In many cases, it can be possible that elevated temperature may occur as a dog vaccination side effect. This happen more frequently in smaller breeds. The elevated temperature may also be accompanied by other side effects as well, such as, discomfort, increased sleepiness, and decreased appetite. In most cases these effects resolve on their own within forty-eight hours, without any treatment. If these symptoms continue beyond those forty-eight hours, then a veterinarian may need to be consulted.

Is it normal after dog vaccinations that the dog be sore in the neck area?

In some situations, this could be normal for a dog to have soreness to the injection area after receiving dog vaccinations. It is particularly common within the first twenty-four to thirty-six hours after the injection. There are some times that a dog gets it vaccination that the area is so sore that they actual will yelp or cry out with pain if the area or anywhere close to it is touched. If the pain doesn’t go away in a few days, and other symptoms such as vomiting, trouble breathing, or swelling of the face occur, then a veterinarian will need to be consulted.

How often should the DHPP dog vaccination be given?

The first DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Parvo) is recommended to be given at roughly a little over the age of one. This is because it is recommended to be taken one year after the rabies booster which is given around the age of twelve to sixteen weeks of age. After that the DHPP can be given annually to dogs that are boarded often, visit dog parks, and are around new dogs often. If a dog does not have these types of situations then it is okay for the DHPP to be given once every two years.

Can dog vaccinations cause hair loss at the injection site?

While the dog vaccinations in and of itself will not cause the loss of hair at the injection site. However the dog vaccination may cause irritation to the area that may cause the dog to scratch the area, which can remove the hair from the area, leaving a hairless patch where the injection was given.

Can kennel cough be contracted even after dog vaccinations?

It is possible for a dog to contract kennel cough after having had their dog vaccinations. The reason for this is much like the flu shot in humans; the vaccine isn’t going to be effective against every strain. While the vaccine may not prevent the occurrence of the illness, it will make the occurrence of illness not as severe or as long.

Dog vaccinations much like children’s vaccinations can cause an elevated temperature after administration. The area of injection may also be sore for a few days post injection. Some dogs may feel irritation at the injection site that can lead to scratching of the area, which may lead to loss of hair at the injection site. Also like children’s vaccinations, dog vaccinations have a schedule of when the vaccinations should be administered age wise. Any questions about dog vaccinations can be asked of the Experts.
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