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Department of Veteran’s Administration

In the United States there are many hospitals and other such that bear the name Veteran’s Administration or VA. Everyone has heard of a VA hospital or clinic from someone they know or through the news. The Veteran’s Administration provides Veterans with many benefits, and helpful services for their service to their country. Some of the Veteran’s Administration benefits include health insurance, disability pay for the disabled, and many other things. Below are questions in relation to the Veteran’s Administration that have been answered by Experts.

What is the Department of Veteran’s Administration

The Department of Veterans Administration also known as the VA is benefit system for Military Veterans that is ran by the government. The Department of Veteran’s Administration is responsible for the administration of benefits for Veterans, their families, and their survivors. Such benefits can include medical services.

Can a person receive Veteran’s Administration Benefits and Social Security Disability Benefits?

In some cases an individual who is receiving Veteran’s Administration Benefits will also able to receive Social Security Disability Benefits. According the Social Security Administration there are some types of public benefits that do not have any bearing on a person’s ability to receive their full Disability Benefit. One of the said Public Benefits is Veteran’s Administration Benefits. That being said the Veteran’s Administration and the Social Security Administration each have their own requirements for determining whether a person is eligible for Disability Benefits. For example the Social Security Administration only acknowledges total disability, where the Veteran’s Administration acknowledges and allows those who are not completely disabled to receive benefits. The Veteran’s Administration bases an individual’s benefits on the percentage they are disabled. Also although a person is eligible for Veteran’s Administration disability benefits, they may not be eligible for Social Security Administration Disability Benefits. For example just because a person is 100% disabled with the Veteran’s Administration they may not meet the requirements for Social Security Disability, and even though it may be helpful in applying for Social Security Disability it does not guarantee this individual will be approved for benefits.

Can a person who is receiving Veteran’s Administration Benefits turn down Medicare?

When a person reaches the age of 65 and receives Social Security it is mandatory that they receive Medicare. This is the case even if the individual is receiving Veteran’s Administration medical services or any other type of medical coverage.

Can a person who receives Veteran’s Administration Disability Benefits apply for licenses to own a business without it affecting their benefits?

A person who is receiving Veteran’s Administration Disability Benefits may apply for business licenses and may own a business, without it affecting a person’s eligibility to receive Veteran’s Administration Disability Benefits. For the profits not to affect their benefits a person may not make more than $960 a month.

When a person reaches the age to receive Medicare and they are already receiving Veteran Administration Medical Coverage, do they have to give up the Veteran’s Administration Medical Coverage?

If an individual reaches the age at which they will receive Medicare it is possible that they may lose their Veteran’s Administration Medical Coverage. It is also possible that they may retain their Veteran’s Administration Medical Coverage and it will simply have changes. The best way to find out exactly what will happen to an individual and their case is to contact the Veteran’s Administration.

The Veteran’s Administration or VA is a government based program for Veterans of the Armed Services. Veteran’s Administration will also provide many different services for these Veterans. For some of these services there are requirements, disability is one of these services that have requirements. If you have questions that pertain to their Veteran’s Administration benefits, you can always ask an Expert.
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