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Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits

What does VA stand for?

In the United States Government, VA is the abbreviation for Veterans Affairs. VA formally stood for Veterans Administration. Read below where Experts have defined and answered questions regarding VA Benefits and the importance of VA Benefits in the Military.

What is VA Benefits

This is a government run Military Veteran benefit program that cares and provides for thousands of retired veteran survivors and veterans family medical needs. Many of the veteran benefits can include disability compensation, pension, education, home loans, life insurance, vocational rehabilitation, survivors’ benefits, medical benefits and burial benefits.

If someone used Marijuana, will VA deny him or her benefits?

If the veteran has a license from the state to use this drug for health issues or medicinal purposes, with a heath card verifying the fact, then the VA will still continue VA benefits. However, if illegal drug use is found, the VA has every right to deny further VA Benefits.

What does total permanent disability mean to the VA office?

Permanent total disability is 100% rating and the inability to work. If the VA rates you as 100% and "unemployable" then you have permanent total disability.

Would someone qualify for a VA loan, if they were discharged with an article135-178 honorable discharge.

The individual would meet the requirements, if the individual has the minimum of two years of active duty service or, if you have an honorable discharge and 6 or more years reserve time with an honorable discharge would meet the requirements for the individual for the VA loan.

If a percentage of VA benefit disability is granted, will a person receive compensation from the date of their application, date of injury, or date of separation from active duty and will interest be paid on this amount?

Typically, the effective date of back pay for approved VA Disability pay that an applicant gets is usually the date of the claim. However, in some cases if there were previous claims that were wrongly denied or there is a special statutory authority, for example Agent Orange Vets from Vietnam, then the date might be different. But for most VA Disability claims, it is the date of the claim and interest is not usually paid.

What can someone do if they have a VA Disability Waiver Refund?

Title 26 Code of Federal Regulations, section 1.122-1, is a valid section of the law. Here is basically what the law provides: if you have a military disability you can deduct the disability compensation from retired pay income shown on form 1099-R [and filed with annual tax returns]. If someone has received a "new" decision and their percent of disability went up and it was back dated, they would need to file "amended" back taxes for up to 36 months (if it applies) to get the tax difference on the money they paid on but should not have if it had been tax free in the first place.

Many questions can arise when VA benefits come into play. People would want to make sure that they do everything expected in order to keep their VA benefits in line. At times, this results in legal questions. Experts can answer your questions in an efficient and knowledgeable manner. People can get legal insight to help them find an option that is best suited to their individual needs.
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