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Uniform Traffic Ticket

Individuals that have received a uniform traffic ticket (UTT) have been faced with questions about what the uniform traffic ticket meant. Uncertainties of what a uniform traffic ticket is what would happen when you go to court for a uniform traffic ticket often leads to questions like the ones answered below.

What is a uniform traffic ticket?

A uniform traffic ticket (UTT) is a traffic ticket that can be used uniformly across a state. A uniform traffic ticket is given when a driver has committed a civil infraction. Uniform traffic tickets are used in place of municipalities’ traffic tickets to maintain consistency and subdue confusion.

I got a uniform traffic ticket 2 years ago in New York while driving with a foreign driver license. I paid the ticket online. I went to take my license permit test in Massachusetts and there was a conviction recorded on my name due to the UTT. How do I get the conviction off my record so I can get the permit?

Actually when you paid the ticket a guilty plea was entered on your record. Payment does not remove anything from your record. You would have had to plead not guilty and when to court for that to have been a possibility. If the ticket was a simple traffic ticket and you had resolved it, then this should not prevent you from obtaining a driver license. You may need to contact the New York Department of Motor Vehicles and obtain an Abstract to show any issues that may be outstanding that can be obstructing getting a license.

I received an Oregon uniform citation for a traffic violation in a school zone. Photo radar clocked me doing 30 miles per hour in a 20 mile per hour zone. The citation lists “at or near location” and the HWY box is checked. I was on a street not a highway. Can I get this dismissed based on that?

Citations are supposed to be filled out in a way that a reasonable person would be able to understand what the charges are against them. There are often times when the location is undeterminable from the ticket, that the judge dismissed the citation. It will mainly be based on how the judge reads the citation.

I got a uniform traffic ticket for a moving violation however the officer cited the wrong intersection. Does this error make the ticket invalid?

The location error does not necessarily make the ticket null. However, it could have merit on have the ticket dismissed. You would need to request a hearing by contesting the allegations based on the location. The following are requirements of a uniform traffic ticket:

7:2-1. Contents of Complaint, Arrest Warrant and Summons
(e) [(b)] Traffic Offenses
(1) Form of Complaint and Process. The Administrative Director of the Courts shall prescribe the form of Uniform Traffic Ticket to serve as the complaint, summons or other process to be used for all parking and other traffic offenses. On a complaint and summons for a parking or other non-moving traffic offense, the defendant need not be named. It shall be sufficient to set forth the license plate number of the vehicle, and its owner or operator shall be charged with the violation.

I was a passenger in a car that was pulled over. I was given a uniform traffic ticket that states “consumption/alcohol in motor vehicle” and “crim poss control subst – 7th” for pills that I had. How do I plea in court and what will happen?

Pleading guilty and no contest are the same in the eyes of the court. You would not want to plead guilty without a plea agreement or you would be at the mercy of the court. If you have not previous record then you would likely be looking at probation and community service and perhaps a class on drug education.

Having the right information and understanding of uniform traffic tickets can help when dealing with questions about those uniform traffic tickets. Experts can help answer what a uniform traffic ticket is or options available to you regarding the uniform traffic ticket. Get the answers fast and affordably by asking an Expert.
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