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USMC (United States Marine Corps)

What is the United States Marine Corps?

The United States Marine Corps is a branch in the United States Armed Forces that is responsible for providing the ability from the sea by using the mobility of the United States Navy to deliver many armed task forces quickly. The United States Marine Corps works closely with the US Naval Forces in training, transportation, although in the military leadership structure Marine Corps is considered a separate branch. The Marine Corps also provides many roles in the national security such as naval firepower, the state's military fight aboard, air-ground and is capable of forcible entry from the air, land, and sea. When someone is interested in joining the USMC, many times he/she will have questions that need answers and not know where to turn. Experts have answered a few of the most common questions below;

If someone has been “Other than Honorably” discharged from the USMC and wants to re-enlist how would he/she go about doing so?

Due to today’s economy it is almost impossible for someone that has received another than honorable discharge. The only realist way of getting back into the USCM is to somehow show that the discharge was an error and have the discharge change to general discharge.

What would a soldier be able to do if he/she were to test positive on a drug test, but didn’t know he/she had ingested any drugs?

The first thing they should probably do is get in contact with a good lawyer because the USMC will more than likely chose to prosecute them administratively or send him/her to a court-martial.

Is it possible for a USMC serviceman that has been AWOL for more than 2 years to get a General under Honorable Discharge or if at all possible keep them in the USMC?

In most cases after being AWOL for that long the USMC would not keep the person. Also a bad conduct discharge is most likely the rout the USMC would go in separating from someone that has went AWOL but it is possible that it could be changed to an other than honorable discharge if they were to turn themselves in.

If someone has been married to a service member of the USMC for more than 20 years and are about to get divorced is he/she eligible to receive a portion of the service members retirement pension?

The courts may award the former spouse a portion of the retirement pension. The two spouses would need to figure out if the divorce is contested or non-contested. If the divorce is contested, then the two parties would have to hire lawyers and proceed with the court appearances. If the divorce is non-contested, then the parties would need to sit down and agree to the terms and then file the divorce with their state/county. If the parties can agree with the terms of the divorce this may be faster and the least expensive route for the parties to take. The former spouse may be better off trying to come to an agreement on what portion of the retirement pension he/she will get awarded to him/her during the divorce proceedings.

The USMC is a branch of the military that many people would like to be a part of. There are several concerns and questions when it comes to the USMC and whether it be a soon to be member, current member, former member, or spouses of a member, the questions may need to be asked and answered so that he/she can make an informed decision. The Experts are available to give advice on any concern or question that may come up.
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