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Use Tax Laws

Used Taxes are taxes that are outside state purchases that are made for the purposes of a state. People that may live in the state will have to pay the use tax on items that involves no state sales or charged with owing a Use Tax. Read below where a variety of questions have been answered by the Experts regarding Use Tax Law.

Do people have to pay Use Tax on online domain/hosting websites? Also are these promotional fees or plain expenses?

The State law tells which activities fall under retail sales or use tax. The sales of items that are personal items to people for personal usage is often retail sales. Also the services of the sale of personal properties are included which are: installation, fixing, cleaning, changing and decorating. Domain/hosting, trade show registration fees. Promotional fees are subtracted as expenses that are funded by businesses in the year.

If a person is a reseller of Internet bandwidth - an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in California, should the person be charge Use taxes to customers for their Internet service? Can a person deduct internet charges on Sales and Use Tax filing?

The law in California law prohibits the use of sales/ use tax to retail sales of certain items. California law does not leave out some of the services, but the services are left out do to them not being personal items that may be tangible. The Internet Service Provide is not allowed to charge the taxes to customer because internet services are not related to sales tax. Since the services can’t be taxed to the customers’ fees can’t be waived if they are paid to the wholesaler.

Is there a statute of limitations on sales and use taxes owed to the State of Florida?

In the state of Florida it is a statute of limitations, but when it comes down to omission, fraud or non-filed tax returns it does not apply in those cases. Sales taxes are considered to be acts of omission; the courts in Florida have upheld the rights to monitor bank accounts that are open and to collect the taxes if need be.

If there is a business that bought used equipment from several sources and an auditor wants the owner to pay sales tax on items. If the previous owners paid sales tax and bought them used would they not have to pay sales tax again?

Use tax is when good are charged by taxes. If sales tax hasn’t been paid in the items then the new owner owes use tax. The use tax rate is the same as the sales tax rate.

People may have to pay for use tax on property that hasn’t been paid for already. Some people may not understand what use taxes are and why the taxes should be paid. What are heavy highway use taxes? What is road use tax? Experts are here to help with the answers needed to help with important questions.
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