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What is USCIS

The term USCIS stands for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. USCIS is one of the components under Department of Homeland Security which solely handles matters related to immigration and naturalization. In other words, this agency is the watchdog, which overseas lawful immigration to the United States. Anyone willing to migrate or apply permanent residency in the United States, has to initiate the immigration process by submitting all necessary documents to USCIS. However, many times when dealing with the USCIS there are questions that come up. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding USCIS practices and lawful immigration.

How does USCIS work to ensure lawful immigration to the United States?

To ensure lawful immigration to the United States, USCIS undertakes different types of investigations; keeping an eye on employers who flout norms of immigration laws to employ illegal immigrants and immigrants who get involved in criminal activities. Immigrants involved in fraudulent activities get prosecuted and deported.

Does an immigrant with F1 Student Visa who has submitted 1-539 with USCIS face deportation if he/she gets dismissed from the educational institute due to poor marks/grades?

Form I-539 is filed to extend or change nonimmigrant status. In cases such as this, the immigrant does not have to leave United States as he/she has already submitted the application with USCIS. He/ she can stay in U.S as long as long as the USCIS has received his/her application and it is still pending.

What are the documents need to be provided to USCIS for renewal of 10-year Green Card (permanent resident) and 2-year conditional card (conditional resident)?

For renewal of 10-year Green Card, the card holder has to file an I-90 (application to replace Permanent Resident Card). You would then need to submit the filing fee and an additional amount to cover the biometric tests. However, the process is different while renewing a 2-year conditional card. If a marriage between a U.S. citizen and a foreign national is less than two years old, it is considered conditional. Under this status, the foreign national's green card will expire after two years. In this case, form I-751 (petition to remove the conditions of residence) has to be filed within the 90 days preceding the expiration along with the specified filing fee. Once approved, the immigration status will be extended to a 10-year green card. This apart, the applicant also needs to file any of the following evidences for this:

  1. A letter where you have to describe, in a very detailed fashion, the circumstances led to your marriage.
  2. Birth certificate of your child/children.
  3. Wedding pictures and pictures of other moments when you and your spouse, and other members of your families and friends have been together.
  4. Letters from people addressed to both you and your spouse.
  5. Any types of documents that have both your names on them that show that you have bought something together.
  6. Any rental or lease agreement for your home with both the names on it.
  7. Valid bank statement.
  8. Any insurance documents that show that you were or still are covered by your spouse insurance plan.
  9. Jointly-filed Income tax papers.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the apex authority to take care of matter related right from immigration to applying for green card in U.S. Each and every aspect of issues pertaining to lawful immigration gets thoroughly scrutinized by USCIS. It is always necessary on the part of the applicants to understand the rules and regulation laid by USCIS. You can visit to know more about latest notifications and changes made by the USCIS authority. The other way of being well informed on this is to ask an Expert to evaluate the details of your case and provide legal insights to any questions you may have regarding the USCIS.

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